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Safe Online Casino Action In Canada

Knowing you have found a safe online casino is one of the best feelings. Players in Canada do not have to worry about finding a safe online casino because there are many casinos that make safety and security a priority. This isn’t just great for the players, but just as great for the casino itself.

What makes a casino safe is the use of special software to protect player identities and information, a licensing body that audits the business, a thirds party that audits the games along with well trained and trustworthy support staff.

The Latest Encryption Software

From a technological standpoint, what makes a safe online casino is the use of encryption software. This software is designed to encode your personal information and transactions in the same way that banks protect your details online.

Encryption software is what makes online casinos so safe in the first place and is the first line of defence for a safe online casino.

Licensed Casinos

What makes a safe online casino, legally speaking, is a gaming licence. Just like land based casinos, online casinos are also regulated by governmental bodies.

These organisations are in place to protect the average casino fan from unsafe or unfair business practices.

The international gaming regulatory bodies will check the business side of things as well as the operational side of things to ensure that things are run properly.

Casinos should advertise their licences on their home page as it is definitely not something you would want to hide. Never play at an unlicensed casino.

Around The Clock Customer Support

A safe online casino will have well trained support staff that is ready to assist customer queries and complaints.

Many sites have these staff members working office hours where the company is based, but it doesn’t help with a player’s sense of safety when you need to wait for support staff to come on duty so that your problem can be sorted out.

A casino operates 24 hours a day so ideally a good casino’s support desk should also run 24 hours.

Additionally there should be multiple channels that players can use to contact the support desk.

These methods should include e-mail, telephone and instant chat channels so that you can reports your problems quickly and with sufficient detail so that the staff can help you as best they can.

Find Proven Fair Software

Online CAD casino software uses RNG’s to create the random effects that players will see when a card deck is shuffled or when a roulette ball is spun along the wheel. These RNG’s are present ion all casino games.

They can actually be tested for randomness. Special third party companies will come in and test the RNG software on the games and then provide a site audit.

You know you are playing at a safe online casino when they publish these audits on their home page. It is a great way for a casino to show they are trustworthy.