Winter Attractions in NZ

Winter Wonderland In New Zealand

It’s an island with the some of the most beautiful attractions and biodiversity on earth, a world-class premium destination for seasoned travellers looking for a jolt of enthusiasm and a break from daily life. Often refereed to as the worlds adventure tourism capital, with extreme sports floating around every nook and cranny the island can cram, it is a place to rediscover yourself and loose your senses in one single day.

New Zealand is an island in the South-western Pacific Ocean, just across from Australia. Even though New Zealand experiences a temperate maritime climate with extremes in either wet or very dry conditions in various parts of the island, winter can be a thumb freezing experience for any visitor tackling the islands majestic attractions. Travellers planning to take a trip to New Zealand in winter will be delighted to know that New Zealand in winter is still one of the best places on earth.

The winter attractions in NZ make the island one of the best all round seasonal vacations for any seasoned traveller in quest of a sensory delight. From breathtaking beaches to snow capped mountain ranges, New Zealand’s winter attractions has something for everybody. The vast activities on offer will tickle your senses and leave you breathless, gasping for an opportunity to revisit this majestic paradise.

Seek Out The Sights

NZ being the adventure thrill seekers paradise that it is, and our understanding of kiwis that are constantly hungry for the next adventure, like a punter chasing horse race betting in the local TAB outlet; is a winter wonderland filled with spectacular experiences that will enhance your soul.

The island offers a vast array of activities for the entire family or if you are into something more extreme, the winter attractions in NZ are a sight to behold. The following winter attractions in New Zealand are by no means the only attractions, but they made our top trumping selection of things to do in NZ in winter.

Ski Or Snowboard The Mountains

New Zealand has an assortment of grandiose mountain ranges; in the NZ winter a vast majority of these mountain ranges receive high levels of snow, which means you can go skiing or snowboarding down the slopes. Take your pick or pick them both, just remember to bring long johns as these temperatures really dip at night.

Jump Into It

If the winter in New Zealand is biting down and you are starting to feel chilly pay a visit to Rotorua. The hot water springs are one of the best winter attractions in NZ. Naturally hot and thermally charged these springs will invigorate any visitor looking to warm up and recharge before tackling the next epic adventure.

Take to The Skies

Skydiving in winter? I know what you’re thinking, yeah right! But right on, sky diving in winter is awesome! You get to see the snow covered ranges and blue oceans juxtaposed like never before. The rates are cheaper and the jump lines less crowded. If you are a natural thrill seeker, you absolutely need to check out this winter attraction in NZ.

Chill Out On Arthur’s Pass

If you are the scenic viewing type then you must do Arthur’s pass. Visitors can either drive the route or take the TranzAlpine through the majestic landscape. The train trip has been voted as one of the most inspiring and beautifully captivating experiences of a lifetime.