What Makes Sydney Special?

Out of the eight capital cities in Australia, Sydney is by far the one at the top of most tourists’ itineraries and is most sought-after for people looking to relocate.

As Sydney is the largest and oldest city in the country of Australia, 4.5 million people call it their home. Sydney is known for iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Operate House as well as the Sydney Tower.

Known as the gateway to Australia, Sydney attracts over two million visitors each and every single year. It is known for its laid-back, outdoor lifestyle on one side of the spectrum with vibrant nightlife, award-winning restaurants and stylish shops at the other.

Sydney Wildlife World

As one of the major features of its outdoor lifestyle, Sydney Wildlife World boasts most of the wonders that nature has to offer:

  • You can wander through a butterfly nursery and then experience them in their natural habitats in the Flutterbys habitat.
  • You can view sharks feeding at the Sydney Aquarium, which floats above the Great Barrier Reef while you’re on board the Shark Explorer glass-bottomed boat.

If you really want to experience Sydney Harbour in all of its glory, you can go on a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb which will take you to the summit of Harbour Bridge. If you take the Discovery Climb, you’ll be treated to a tour of how the innards of the bridgework.

Sydney Cuisine

You’ve probably heard that there are many great chefs who’ve come out of Australia and, nine times out of ten, these guys and gals come straight from Sydney. For example, Matt Moran – who was a judge on the third season of Masterchef Australia and has two cookbooks out – owns Aria as well as Chiswick. Peter Gilmore is another chef sensation who is the executive chef of the Quay Restaurant in addition to the Bennelong at the Sydney Opera House. He is often a guest on Masterchef Australia.

Stylish eateries serve the most mouth-watering cuisine throughout the day while cosmopolitan wine bars are there to serve you a crisp glass of chardonnay as you watch the sunset over the harbour.

Sydney Opera House

As an iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House is situated on the Sydney Harbour and was formally opened on 20 October 1973. It is a multi-venue performing arts centre: the building and its surrounds occupying the entire Bennelong Point between Sydney Cove and Farm Cove.

The Opera House is adjacent to the city’s central business district and the Royal Botanical Gardens where you can relax and play online Bingo for money on your smartphone. It is also near to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On an annual basis, the building hosts over 1 500 performances which are attended by more than 1.2 million people.

The performances are delivered by a variety of performing artists and three companies are resident at the Opera House:

  • Opera Australia
  • Sydney Theatre Company
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Besides just being a magnificent venue for performing artists, the Sydney Opera House is also the most popular attraction in the whole country of Australia. It is visited by more than eight million people annually.