Understanding The NZ Laws That Govern Gambling

New Zealand is considered to be one of the very best countries in the world, and for a number of various reasons. One of the reasons that’s at the top of list for many is how progressive the country is and is arguably the most progressive country of today.

This is especially good news for those that have a deep love of gambling and casino games. Where it’s completely illegal to gamble in certain areas throughout the globe, this is not the same for New Zealand, and for the most part, the citizens of the country are free to enjoy any kind of betting or gambling game that they like. Here we will look at the gambling laws of New Zealand and how they apply to the average person.

The Legality Of Gambling

A lot of people wonder whether it’s legal to gamble within New Zealand, and the answer is: yes. All gambling activity is governed by the Gambling Act that was written in 2003 and has undergone a number of amendments since it was written. Anyone that wants to bet on horses or other sports, participate in the lottery, or but Scratch Cards will need to be at least over the age of 18.

For entering land-based New Zealand casinos, a person will need to be 20 and older. Despite the progressiveness of their laws, there are some areas that remain in a grey area, most notably online gambling. There are currently no laws that pertain to online gambling, but at the same time, Kiwis will not fall into trouble with officials should they wish to take part in any local or international online casinos.

How Is NZ Gambling Regulated?

There are a number of governmental organisations that have taken on the roll of overseeing all gambling within the country. Some of these include the New Zealand Lottery Commission, the New Zealand Racing Board, the Gambling Compliance Group, the Ministry of Social Development, the New Zealand Gambling Commission, and many more.

While some of these groups and departments do have a bigger say in how gambling takes place within the country, all of them play their part, and if a player can’t find any laws that are connected to a specific kind of game or type of betting from one organisation, they might have to look at another. The laws, however, are quite clear and accessible for everyone, and now Kiwis should have any trouble understanding how it all works, whether it’s for gaming locally or checking out the latest Canadian slots online.

The Benefits Of New Zealand Gambling

The country has taken gambling one step further by having it so that all institutions that are owned by the state, including gaming entities, have to take a portion of their profits and feed them back into the community. This allows the gambling industry not only to provide entertainment to the people of New Zealand, but to provide monetary donations to important groups as well as social development within local communities around the country.