Top 6 Unusual things to do in Queenstown

Queenstown – New Zealand’s Playground

From a small little coastal town to one of the most visited resorts in New Zealand, Queenstown is popular among locals and tourists alike. It offers everything from skiing in winter to spectacular hiking in summer. The bars and restaurants are beyond compare, as is the wine grown in the region. What many people don’t know, however, is that there are a few little hidden gems that one can visit in the city to get away from the madding crowd as it were.

Get Your Chill On At An Ice Bar

Queenstown offers not one but two ice bars for adventurous drinkers. These are of course only open in the winter, but are well worth the planning. The bars are totally made of ice, including the chairs, bar counter and a whole host of adornments such as ice sculptures. Jackets are provided, and ordering a coffee is frowned upon.

Perky’s Floating Bar and Café

Anchored in Queenstown Bay, Perky’s is a refurbished old boat which has been turned into a bar and very good restaurant. Foodies and adventurers alike will love the jovial atmosphere and the incredible food. Of course, the view is spectacular and makes the venue well worth visiting even if it’s just for one drink. Although be prepared to stay for longer than anticipated.

Face Your Fears At The Fear Factory

In well-known Shotover Street hides the Fear Factory. This haunted house venue will test your mettle with incredible makeup and thrills to spare. Shotover Street is well known among thrill junkies as it hosts a number of jetboat and kayak companies. This is not an activity for kids, however, and no one under 15 will be allowed entry. The Fear Factory claims that over 12 000 people have already chickened out of going in, so that should give you an idea of just how scary it may be inside.

Frisbee Golf

Popular since the 1980’s, Frisbee golf is exactly what it sounds like. You can find this activity at the Queenstown gardens and is a permanent feature. In Frisbee golf you have an 18 “hole” course where you have to throw Frisbees to ultimately get them into a raised basket. The rules are the same as real golf, and don’t think its any easier just because it doesn’t involve clubs!

Go Flyboarding

A summer activity, Flyboarding is a relatively new addition to the adrenaline junkie bucket list. Flyboarding is a water-powered board much like a snowboard. You can do incredible leaps and tricks out of the water, getting some serious height of you know what you are doing. It works much like a water-powered jetpack and can be tricky to get the hang of. Be aware that you can get hurt, so be sure to take lots of lessons and go to a reputable school, much like learning blackjack rules– once you know what’s what, you’ll have more fun.

And Of Course, The Sky City Casino

Last but never least is the Sky City Casino. The main casino offers a huge range of table games and pokies along with great dining options. For something a bit more intimate you can try out the Sky City Warf casino that is situated at the Queenstown harbour and offers a much smaller gaming experience on a steamboat.