Queenstown in New Zealand

For many years, Queenstown was a small, quiet town that was remote from most other large cities around New Zealand. This all changed in the 1980s, once a ski resort had been built. Suddenly, tourists from all around the country and even the world began flocking to Queenstown, and it quickly became a favourite for many, attracting over 1.9 million visitors each year, it has risen to become the tourism capital of the whole country.

Set in the south island of New Zealand along the shores of Lake Wakatipu, one of the country’s most spectacular lakes. Behind the town is a breath taking view of the mountains, which are most often covered in snow, making the entire scene picturesque, and the perfect place for any visitor. The boom in tourism has also meant that there are now many things to do and see in Queenstown, and tourists should have no problem keeping busy with all that the town has to offer.

Things To See in Queenstown

Apart from the incredible scenery that surrounds the town, there are also some sights to see that every visitor should take a look at. One of these is the Skyline Gondola, which allows visitors to travel up to Bob’s Peak where they can get a magnificent view of the lake and the mountains. The Queenstown Gardens are also worth visiting, where the gardens are made part of the lake and boast a range of different plants and trees as well as bird watching. For those that want to see some of the more exotic birds that New Zealand has to offer, the Kiwi Birdlife Park is the number one stop, featuring all of New Zealand’s native birds.

Things to Do in Queenstown

For the more adventurous, Queenstown is packed with activities that are worth exploring. Skiing is a popular pastime for tourists, thanks to the snowy mountains close to the town. Some of the best spots for skiers to visit include Coronet Park, Remarkables, Cardrona, and Snow Park.

For those that would prefer to stay in the town itself, there is more than enough to keep busy with. The town is home to plenty of shops, including shopping centres and souvenir shops that sell the types of things one would only find in the town. Eateries, including fine dining, pubs, bars, and coffee shops can be found all over the town, and visitors should never go hungry during their stay.

For visitors that are looking to enjoy one of New Zealand favourite national pastimes – gambling – There are two casinos in Queenstown to choose from. The SKYCITY Queenstown Casino and its younger sister the SKYCITY Wharf Casino, offering tourists and locals the chance to enjoy the casinos in Queenstown and many of the restaurants and hotels that the casinos are joined to.

Queenstown for Visitors

Thanks to the broad travel network that crosses the entirety of New Zealand, including transport by bus and boat, Queenstown is accessible for anyone that landed in the main cities such as Auckland or Christchurch. This makes visiting a casino in Queenstown or any other attraction or entertainment venue easy and safe.

Coronet Peak Skiing in Queenstown

Top 10 Winter Activities in Queenstown, NZ

Located in the heart of the Southern Alps, Queenstown is a true alpine destination which comes to life during the winter months from June to September – experience all the sights and sounds of this breathtaking winter wonderland. Exploring Three Ski Fields Located just 20 minutes’ drive from central Queenstown, Coronet Peak Ski caters to

SKYCITY Queenstown

SKYCITY Queenstown Casino

Queenstown is already a very popular city with tourists in New Zealand, but the SKYCITY Queenstown Casino is very definitely one of the main attractions. As wonderful as the surroundings that this casino is housed in may be, there is simply nothing to beat the luxury and electric atmosphere this venue delivers for those who

SKYCITY Wharf Casino in Queenstown

SKYCITY Wharf Casino

SKYCITY Wharf Casino is located in New Zealand’s Queenstown, and offers its visitors a thrilling, pampered boutique casino experience with a range of features and extra benefits. The doors are open each day from 11am through to 2am, and their recent revamp not only provides for an all-improved brighter look, but a great array of