Heart Pounding Holiday Activities In New Zealand

New Zealand is certainly a place to go and relax. From beautiful beaches, to picturesque strolls through rolling green fields, there is no shortage of options in this regard. But then there are those who prefer their holidays to involve a pounding heart, plenty of delighted screaming, and at least some degree of danger.

For this second group, it turns out that there are more than a few options in New Zealand. In fact, the stunning little holiday destination has a reputation for having one of the greatest ranges of adrenaline activities in the world. These are some of the most interesting and exciting you can experience today. Of course, just because the activities are exciting, it doesn’t mean that luxury accommodation isn’t still available.

Bungie Jumping

Bungie jumping is a favourite of adrenaline junkies everywhere, and it just so happens that there are multiple options in New Zealand. It is indeed an experience that will stay with you for life, but it isn’t as restrictive a sport as some may think. Everyone from youngsters to senior citizens can take part, with little risk of injury. If this is up your alley, be sure to check out the highest Bungie jumping point in the country, Nevis Valley, which is a hair raising 134 meter leap into the void. You’ll have to cover some rough terrain to get there, though, but it’s just part of the fun, and adds to the experience.

Canyon Swinging

If Bungie jumping is too tame for you, you might instead prefer a canyon swing. Mokai Gravity Canyon is the place to go, and you won’t be disappointed, if having your breath stolen was the goal. The location, in fact, offers multiple pulse pounding experiences, including canyon swinging, the infamous flying fox activity, and a Bungie jump all of its own. The flying fox, which is a seated harness in an airborne swing, allows the brave to hit speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour on a zip line, which speaks for itself. Only the brave need apply.

Head back to your luxury accommodation after the excitement, and settle in with a nice, cool drink, and hit up some Singapore casino game sites while your heart settles.

Aerial Obstacles

We’ve saved the best for last. Consider yourself an adventurer? Then you’ll want to head over to the aptly named Adrenaline Forest. Exactly as the name says, this forest has been designed to get your blood pumping. The area has been rigged with multiple areal obstacle courses, each of which snake through the trees, weaving the brave higher and higher off the ground.

Don’t worry though, the obstacles are also carefully designed to not overwhelm beginners. Yes, harnesses also avoid any unfortunate accidents. The Discovery Path is just two meters off the ground, allowing those who are new to the experience a chance to adapt. Once you’re ready, you can try the higher levels, called the Adventure Path, Excitement Path, and Adrenaline Path. The highest levels are 17 meters above the ground, and recommended only for the brave.