Why You Need to Visit Hamilton

Whether you’re visiting Hamilton, New Zealand, for the very first time or you’d like to explore your love for this beautiful city, we’ve got all you need to know to ensure the most memorable travel experience possible.

There are so many reasons to put Hamilton on your list of places to visit that if we went through each and every one of them all we could very well be here for days. So let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons you need to visit this amazing city in Waikato.

Picturesque Scenery

The city of Hamilton is not exactly considered to be an impressive city in New Zealand. It doesn’t boast incredible skyscrapers or beautiful city beaches, and has in fact been the butt of a number of jokes in Waikato. However, pay Hamilton a visit and you’ll soon find that hard to believe.

Nestled on the banks of the Waikato River and surrounded by green farmland, this place is nothing short of picturesque. Boasting a number of stunning gardens and parks with walkways and bike tracks interspersed, Hamilton is like something out of a movie.

A Never-Ending List of Attractions

Like most cities in New Zealand, Hamilton holds a kind of individual beauty that includes marvellous Victorian and Maori influenced architecture alongside other popular and entertaining places to visit, such as the well-known Hamilton Zoo.

The city of Hamilton has a lot to offer in terms of activities and entertainment, with the Hamilton casinos some of the most exciting on the list, offering great betting opportunities that range from classics like blackjack to new and exciting real money pokies NZ.

However, if it’s extraordinary you’re after, then Hamilton is the place for you. You can take a trip down to the Waitomo Caves, where you’ll see thousands of glowworms beautifully light up the caves, visit New Zealand one and only tea farm or check out its beauty from above and take a ride in a hot air balloon.

The Incredible Culture

Waikato Museum in New ZealandThe Waikato Museum is home to over 38 000 different objects, from social history and science to visual art and Maori taonga artefacts.

You will also find an array of beautiful public art when you explore the city, including Waikato history tribute pieces and the famous statue of Riff Raff who was played by Richard O’Brien in the Rocky Horror show (both originate from Hamilton).

The Freshness

Because Hamilton is situated amongst lush farmland, on any day you can take a walk around the city to sample exceptional local food from the farmer’s markets.

A hipster’s paradise, you’ll also find craft beer breweries and bars scattered around the city, including places like Craft Beer garden and Good George.

The Black Sand Beaches

While Hamilton may be an inland city, it is just a short drive to discover stunning black sand beaches, fantastic surf breaks and some inviting holiday spots.

Hands down one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand thanks to its close distance to Auckland, Hamilton is not simply easily accessible to those looking for an all-around great holiday, it’s also easy to get to a point where you may never want to leave!