Things To Do In Hamilton

The Best Ways To Keep Busy In Hamilton, New Zealand

New Zealand is a country packed with things to do, see, and cities to visit. With its incredible landscapes, unparalleled natural beauty, and modern, multicultural cities, it’s one of the few countries in the world that has something for just about anyone.

One of the cities that all tourists should see at least once during their stay is the city of Hamilton, which is located on the North Island of the country. Hamilton is based in the Waikato region, and is estimated to have a population of just 165000 people. This means that most of the land around the city remains untouched by industry or people, and that the city itself is brimming with culture, history, and plenty of things to do and see.

Whether it’s spending a day at the casino or enjoying online betting NZ, taking walks through the surrounding nature, or visiting a museum, these are the best ways to have a fun and entertaining stay in Hamilton.

The Hamilton Gardens

The Hamilton Gardens are the city’s most popular attraction, and brings in around half a million tourists every year. Those that see the gardens can expect guided tours, where they learn about the various plants and animals in the area, and how the New Zealand government has ensured the continued protection of many of these species.

Along with the indigenous gardens, visitors can also see the Sung Dynasty Chinese Scholar’s garden, as well as the Italian Renaissance Garden. Alongside these two is also the Indian Char Bagh, which is a four-quartered garden.

Waikato Museum

The Waikato Museum is a hub of culture and learning, and is based on the history of the surrounding area and the diverse peoples that have lived in the area over the course of thousands of years. Many exhibits focus on the Maori people, who inhabited the Waikato region for almost 40000 thousand years, and much of their history and culture has remained intact, and is represented at the Waikato Museum for visitors to enjoy.

Some of the exhibits worth seeing are the wika te Winika, For Us They Fell, and Whaanau Maarama: The Heavenly Bodies.

Waikato River Explorer

The Waikato River is one of the most pristine rivers in the world, and is the shining jewel of the Waikato River. The city of Hamilton was built alongside the river, and visitors are able to take a ferry to travel the river and see many of its natural beauties. Some of the activities that tourists can enjoy on the journey include wine tasting, simple scenic cruising, and ferry trips that take them either to Hamilton Gardens or the Mystery Creek Events Centre. The ferry is one of the most popular destinations in the city, and can be hired out for client functions, staff dinners, corporate events, and much more.

Hamilton is simply packed with things to enjoy, and remains as one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations throughout the entirety of New Zealand.