A Review Of The SKYCITY Hamilton Casino In New Zealand

The SKYCITY Hamilton Casino

Situated on New Zealand’s northern island, the Hamilton Casino is nestled in the middle of the city of Hamilton, and has become one of the city’s most popular venues for both visitors and locals. The casino is fairly new, and is owned by the SKYCITY casino entertainment group, which manage all the large casinos that can be found around the country.

With all these different casinos on offer by SKYCITY, it can be difficult to choose the right one to visit. It’s often up to the city, such as what kind of sights and activities each city has to offer tourists. Despite this, the Hamilton Casino is definitely up there with the best, and offers world-class entertainment that few others can match.

For those that have had some practice playing online pokies NZ, checking out the Hamilton Casino might be worth the time, and provide not just a chance to have a go at their games, but enjoy some of the other services the local area offers.

The Hamilton’s Games

A vital aspect of any casino, the number and quality of the games it offers needs to be top notch in order to be popular among gaming fans. The Hamilton has 330 machines on offer, with the bulk of them being pokies, with some video poker machines dotted here and there. In terms of the table games that the casino offers, there are twenty-three to choose from, and some offer fantastic odds. Some of the games that are offered by the casino include:

  • Blackjack
  • Money Wheel
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Baccarat
  • Three Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

During the weekends, the Hamilton offers a number of services, primarily the teaching of how to play their table games. These come at a free, and while it may seem a bit much for some, it’s a great opportunity for new players to learn the games, and the casino allows them to play as much as they wish.

The Hamilton’s Eateries and Bars

Near the casino itself are a number of places to visit during the evenings, such as some extremely popular restaurants. These include the Marble Room, Eat Burger, and the Coffee Post. For those looking to find somewhere that serves good drinks, many recommend the Vue Bar, the Number Eight Bar, and the Zone Sports Bar, where you can watch some local and international sports.

Other Activities

The casino also offers other activities apart from casino games. These come in the form of quiz nights, where participants can try and solve quizzes in order to win prizes. Alongside this are special family restaurant packages that are perfect for groups of people, where they get a discount at certain restaurants that are attached to the casino. Bingo charity drives are also organised by the casino, where players are invited to have a go at bingo, and a portion of what the casino makes it then donated to charity.

Overall, the Hamilton Casino is one of the best that New Zealand offers, and worth a visit for all those that want to experience something new and exciting.