Food To Try In Australia

The cuisine may not be something you really think about as a must-do when you travel to Australia. However, there are a number of dishes and delicacies that the Aussies call their own and will only be too happy to help any visitor to try. It’s not all fancy fair, but it is definitely true to the down under way of life and the adventure-loving people that inhabit the country.

  1. Vegemite

Yes, the company that makes the spread is now owned by Americans, but it is still a homegrown favorite in Australia. If you’ve heard about the vegetable spread for crackers and sandwiches, you’ve probably heard that it’s disgusting. However, if you are going to the country, you really ought to try it out for yourself and make up your own mind.

Vegemite is made up of mostly vegetables, and includes some spice additives and a yeast extract. The taste is quite salty – definitely a savory spread for your morning toast. It goes well with avocado, melted cheese, or even some eggs on toast.

  1. ANZAC Biscuits

Another homegrown classic, these biscuits have quite the history. The anagram ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, the soldiers that fought together in the First World War. These biscuits are what the women would make for their men who were out on the front lines during those dark days. Made from coconut, oats and golden syrup, they are a sweet treat that travels well and is fairly cheap to make (both important during the war days).

Today, these biscuits are a national treat and are celebrated along with the heroes from the war on ANZAC Day. This is a public holiday in Australia that is held every year on the 25th of April to commemorate the deeds of their soldiers.

  1. Pavlova

If ever there was a dessert that screamed summer, this would be it. Take layers of light, fluffy meringue, alternate with whipped cream, and top with fresh fruit. The result is a light, sweet, slightly chewy, delicious dessert that is rich without being too sickly. And you can pretend it’s good for you because you’re eating some fruit.

The exact origin of the pavlova is actually up for debate. Both the Australians and the New Zealanders claim it as their original creation – both having some proof that it could be theirs. Either way, it’s worth putting on the list and it makes for a great tasty treat while enjoying Australian slots online too.

  1. Witchetty Grub

There was no way that we could make it through a list of delicacies and dishes from Australia without getting into the bush. These little worms do not look particularly appetising, but they have been on the menu for the locals for centuries – long before European explorers came to the shores and long after. The Witchetty Grub apparently tastes like chicken and is incredibly good for you. One little worm has as much protein in it as a large steak. The texture isn’t too great though; they’re fairly gooey if you bite into one.