Explore New Zealand’s Amazing Volunteer Programs

Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of others when you travel? If so, signing up with a volunteer program in New Zealand could change your life. The small island nation is known for being highly philanthropic, and travellers are always welcome in their conservation and upliftment efforts too.

There are countless different programs to explore on North Island and South Island alike, and the joy you will get from giving back will make your New Zealand trip truly unforgettable! Remember that good programs, like the ones we have selected, offer accessible data and clarity, student resources, corporate partnerships, and respect for the climate, environment and communities around them. Here are 5 of the best volunteer programs to join in NZ when you aren’t spending time on enjoying or learning to play bingo in the UK!

#1: GoEco NZ Conservation Experience

Based in Auckland and opened all year round, GoEco has been promoting eco- and voluntary travel that encourages sustainable development since 2015. They match volunteers to programs that will best suit their skills through thorough testing to find out who loves wildlife, conservation or international and local communities.

They partner with all of the best initiatives around the globe, validate volunteers’ project performance, and assist their members to plan for their journeys too!

#2: Carpe Diem Education

Carpe Diem is a huge collaborative program that has changed countless lives since its inception. Based in New Zealand’s rural areas year-round, the initiative links up with local communities to provide them with homes and valuable experiential training.

If you would like to live among indigenous Maori communities, learn how to live according to ‘Fiji time’, or test your outdoor skills in the beautiful Abel Tasman national park, Carpe Diem Education might be the volunteer program for you.

#3: Pacific Discovery NZ/Fiji Summer Program

Running out of Rotorua, Auckland, Taupo, Nelson, Wellington and South Island, Pacific Discovery is a summer program that gives volunteers a chance to enjoy 2 weeks of hands-on learning work.

The work is available in some of the most beautiful national parks and reserves in New Zealand and the Yasawa islands in Fiji. Expect adventure caving, hot spring dips, walking, and some highly rewarding physical work!

#4: Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary Volunteering

In the city of Whangarei lies the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary; a non-profit organisation that protects the indigenous fauna and flora of New Zealand. Its aim is to safeguard and grow a vibrant local ecosystem while teaching others about the importance of conservation.

The sanctuary sees its volunteers, its society and the environment as associates that need to collaborate in order to coexist. Its conservation program that runs from November to April each year teaches exactly that. See Kiwi birds in the wild, explore lush forests, and learn more about endangered species protection here.

#5: IVHQ Volunteering

This year-round Auckland initiative is one of the most trusted and affordable offshore volunteer organisations in the world. Volunteers can look forward to a wide range of world-class learning programs, which allow them to volunteer in the areas they care about most, from conservation to childcare. There are amazing adventures to be had no matter what your area of expertise is…