Dunedin Casino

Dunedin Casino is very much about tradition as far as first impressions are concerned: the building will evoke memories of classic New Zealand architecture, which comes as no big surprise when you consider that the building was initially erected in 1883, and, although it has undergone considerable restorations since then, many of the original features were not only retained, but improved upon. It opened its doors in 1999, and you will be able to walk to the premises from Dunedin’s city centre with ease. It serves both locals and tourists as an entertainment hub, and provides a first-rate casino experience to all.

It’s Not Just About the Look of the Place…

While the décor is certainly eye-catching, there is a lot more to the Dunedin Casino than just its façade, and players who make the trip will be able to enjoy one of the most all-inclusive gambling venues in the whole of New Zealand once they arrive.

It is open from 11am to 3am every day, and you can join the many visitors playing pokies or facing off against dealer at the table games under its roof, all while taking full advantage of excellent rewards and some of the most luxurious VIP treatment available anywhere!

The Highlights of Visiting Dunedin Casino

Although Dunedin Casino is by no stretch of the imaginations the biggest casino in this country, what it may lack for in size it more than makes up for in terms of quality.

Although the space may be limited, you will easily be able to access the very impressive range of games, and you can confidently expect to be spoilt for choice whenever you enter.

If you’re anything like me you will head straight for the pokies area, and Dunedin Casino offers an array of almost 200 games for you to enjoy. You won’t just find classic pokies, either, and can pick and choose from video poker, electronic roulette, and other interesting variations on this beloved theme almost ad infinitum. The table games provided will suit every taste as well and you can with the blackjack dealer, rack up wins at the roulette table, or beat the bank with baccarat as you please.

Loyalty Should Get Rewarded!

When you are finished with your online blackjack game and want to head out for a little company, remember that Dunedin Casino rewards you for your play, as the best online casino sites do.

The Club Casino Prize Catalogue is a regularly updated publication that covers an incredible range of excellent items, and you are invited to take these things home with you when you exchange the points that your play has accrued at the table or pokies machines.

It works the same way that online casino loyalty programmes do: you will have your own membership card and simply make sure that this is inserted into the pokies machine you are playing at or given to the dealer in charge of the table game you’re enjoying, and your progress will be tracked and rewarded as you go!