Gambling In Christchurch NZ

Gambling In Christchurch

New Zealand is known across the world for a number of different reasons, and in recent years, has become a popular destination for both tourists and those looking to settle somewhere new. With breath taking scenery, unique towns and cities, and a deep, welcoming multicultural community, New Zealand is quickly becoming a must-see for the adventurous. Nestled comfortably along the eastern coast of New Zealand’s southern island, Christchurch is a beautiful and bustling city that has come to encapsulate everything that people love about the country.

On top of endless activities, a thriving tourist scene, and incredible views of the surrounding landscape, Christchurch is also well known for its casinos, which many rate as some of the best not just in the country, but across the globe. Christchurch has long been appealing to those that love gambling, and its casinos offer a unique and entertaining way for gamblers to enjoy some of their favourite games.

Christchurch Casino

There is one, main casino in the city, called the Christchurch Casino.  This casino is part of the extremely popular Sky city range of casinos that are based throughout the entire country. Each one of these casinos is different, and is themed around the city that they are located in. For the Christchurch casino, this means a venue that is elegant, clean, and featuring a full range of games and activities fit for both tourists and locals.

Christchurch Casino Features

First built in 1994 – making it the very first casino to be built in the country – the casino has grown substantially over the years, allowing for more guests on any given night. Set over 4000 square metres, the venue contains 500 slot machines as well as thirty-four table games. Many of these games found at the casino will instantly be recognisable to fans, as some of them can be found in online versions all over the world, including the mobile slots Canada has to offer.

Alongside the casino itself are a number of restaurants as well as two bars. Entry to any of these facilities is restricted to those that are over the age of 20, in compliance with New Zealand laws. Facilities aside, the casino is located near the CBD of Christchurch, giving visitors the chance to explore the city and found other entertaining activities during the day before heading back to the casino at night.

The Christchurch Casino is also home to the New Zealand national poker championships, where some of the best poker players in the country come to face each other.

Visiting The Casino

A Historical Location

Thanks to the city’s history, the heritage of the locals, plenty of things to do, and scenery that is second to none, Christchurch is a city worth visiting at least once, and if you are looking for one of the best casinos that New Zealand has to offer, then the Christchurch Casino should be among your top spots to visit while in the city.