The Most Popular Christchurch Casinos

Favourite Sites For Christchurch Casino Patrons

Established in 1994, the Christchurch casino has been a source of pride for the city as well as a top destination for international tourists. This storied venue hosts multiple slot and table games, restaurants and bars making it the ideal place to find some fun.

When tourists aren’t visiting, or the venue for some casino gaming, they are coming to see the hosting of the annual New Zealand Poker Championships which draws the best players from around the country.

Recently the ride sharing company Uber published their top destinations in Christchurch for casino tourists. They surveyed thousands of tourists from more than 70 countries who make use of Uber while in Christchurch. Unsurprisingly Christchurch Casino is the most popular venue for Uber trips by tourists.

The Top Christchurch Destinations

The second place spot for most popular tourist destination was won by The Bog, a popular local bar that has an amazing atmosphere. Situated in Victoria Street, the venue is known or its themed days like their St Patricks Day celebrations. Third on the list of popular destinations is the Berretta bar and restaurant. This venue has a more formal atmosphere than the Bog and draws a more varied crowd.

Next in popularity is the Canterbury Museum. This venue is connected to both the Botanic Garden and the Christchurch arts centre making it a popular destination due to its centrality. The Arts Centre recently saw the instillation of a brand new statue at the centre’s entrance featuring a metallic sculpture by artist Gregor Kregar.

The sculpture titled Terminator T-Rex is a must see piece of art that is twinned by two other sculptures by Kregar commissioned in 2013. These two sculptures titled Cumulus Gate Pavilion is to see at the Christchurch Arts Gallery on Worcester Boulevard.  Another 4 bronze statues by the artists were also included in last year’s Christchurch art festival and were temporarily displayed outside Christchurch Casino which also could have played a role in the venues popularity.

Planned Christchurch Casino Expansion

Last year Christchurch Casino purchased some adjacent land from the Martin Coffey Estate. Christchurch Casino now owns nearly an entire city block between Peterborough and Salisbury Street.

Part of the Christchurch City council’s renovation plans include a streetscape feature that will greatly reduce parking space in the city which is why part of the Casino’s expansion plans includes a 400 car car park along with a 200 room hotel on the premises. The additional 4047 square meters of space from the Coffey Estate was purchased by Christchurch Casino for NZ$3.7 million.

With Victoria Street being such a key street in the Christchurch City centre, Christchurch Casino has not officially finalised any development plans. The venue is still investigating all its options. They wish to grow and expand the casino while at the same time also servicing the city and its citizens with an expansion that will boost tourism and provide an improved patron experience. This will certainly ensure that Christchurch Casino remains a key draw for tourists for years to come.