SKYCITY Auckland

SKYCITY Auckland, often referred to as simply SkyCity, is an event centre and casino in Auckland’s Central Business District, located between the Federal and Victoria streets. It stands at the base of Auckland’s Sky Tower, and was the second casino to ever be built –and is still the only one for us to play at in Auckland.

Table Games for Your Pleasure

SKYCITY Auckland provides an array of table games, including roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, and, if you are unsure of the rules governing any of these, you can even learn them at the casino itself!

The friendly Table Game staff members will explain anything you need them to, and are able to provide you with all the information you need in order to get started playing and winning.

VIP Gaming Options at SKYCITY Auckland

SKYCITY Auckland is of the opinion that there most valued customers deserve very special treatment, and have thus instituted the Premier Rewards Platinum and VIP Black programmes in order to make sure that this is always provided.

The luxurious gaming facilities are made even more enjoyable thanks to their first-rate team of international hosts, and these factors combine to make the experience SKYCITY Auckland offers one you won’t forget in a hurry.

World-Class Gaming Machines for You to Play

SKYCITY Auckland has gaming machines of the first order, so you can confidently expect to be entertained with the features these 1 900 machines promise to deliver. In addition to the latest and best game types and titles, there is also an exciting QUICK pay option which I can personally recommend that will make the entire game experience a lot smoother. Online bingo games may be fun, but there is nothing to beat the electric atmosphere a good casino can deliver!

Move More Easily with QUICK Pay

QUICK Pay lets you move easily, quickly and conveniently between the machines that SKYCITY Auckland provides.

Activating QUICK Pay is very easy to do, and is totally free, and you will simply need to bring your Premier Rewards Club to SKYCITY Auckland, along with a document in order to provide proof of residence, and it will activate at once.

You can make use of it to:

  1. Credit funds and pokies play wins directly to your Premier Rewards card
  2. Debit your pokies play bets directly from the total available on your Premier Rewards card
  3. Withdraw funds as you wish to directly from your Premier Rewards card

What I find the most beneficial from my SKYCITY Auckland play is that the points I earn while I enjoy the games I love are able to help me get even bigger benefits. The reward system is great, and makes me feel like my time and money are valuable to the casino, which always helps to incentivise me to return!

You can also learn to play table games at SKYCITY Auckland: their Learn to Play packages provide not only a great night out, but a totally unique game experience as well. Whether you are a complete newcomer or simply want to hone your skills, this is a fun, easy, affordable way for you to spend some time in this glamorous casino, and there are a range of prices to cater for every taste.