Interesting Facts About New Zealand’s Auckland

Auckland is the most populated city in the country of New Zealand and has become a true hub for commercial affairs and culture. With an urban population of around 1.4 million in total, there are no other cities that come close to the size of Auckland within the country.

Not only is it New Zealand’s biggest city, but it’s also a favourite destination for tourists around the world. With endless things to do and see within Auckland, visitors will find that they never become bored. Here we will look at some of the most interesting facts about this famous city.

  1. It’s Surrounded By Volcanoes

New Zealand is one of the many countries that sits on the famous Ring of Fire, an area of the world that has plenty of geothermal and volcanic activity. Due to where Auckland is set specifically, there are currently 50 volcanoes that surround the city itself. This might seem fairly scary at first glance, by the vast majority of these volcanoes are considered dormant and are not expected to erupt any time soon. And although there are so many volcanoes, their presence has afforded the city one of the greatest views in the world thanks to the landscape that they have produced.

  1. It Was Once The Capital Of New Zealand

Between 1842 and 1965, Auckland was the official capital of the country, and all official national matters were decided here. Eventually, however, it lost its status as the original. This was because government officials coming from the southern part of the country found that the journey was too difficult and took too long. In fact, in order to get from the South Island to Auckland took around two months in total.

  1. It’s Considered One Of The World’s Most Liveable Cities

New Zealand is regarded as a developed country, meaning that that the people that live there enjoy a high quality of living, and Auckland offers some of the highest quality of living in the world, whether that’s for the cost of living, the excellent local government, or just because of the many places a person can sit and relax with NRL premiership betting. In fact, it’s so high that Auckland is consistently ranked within the top 20 most liveable cities on the planet.

  1. The City Of Sails

The city of Auckland is famously also known as the City of Sails, and this is because of the peninsula that sits between the Waitemata and Manukau harbours that can be found close to the city. This means that it’s one of the very best places globally to go out on a boat, partly due to its calm waters, but also because of the incredible scenery that surrounds the area.

  1. Its Maori name is Tamaki Makaurau

The city was known is known by the Maori natives as Tamaki Makaurau, which roughly translates to “Tamaki with one hundred lovers.” It was given this name because of the fertile land and the many waterways that make up the region.