A Guide To Auckland’s Nightlife

Top Things To Do In Auckland At Night

If you are lucky enough to be a local and need some fresh ideas or happen to be in Auckland on a holiday, why not try some of the stunning nightlife on offer from this stunning metropolitan city?

Sunset kayak

Why not start you night out with some physical fun on the water to earn your huge meal at one of Auckland’s fine restaurants.

Companies like Auckland Sea Kayaks offer sunset tours around Rangitoto Island, a stunning sight at sunset on the water. You get to paddle across the Waitemata harbour to the wharf, spotting some wildlife along the way and then taking a short trek to the summit of the largest volcano in Auckland.

Brothers Beer

This establishment is a haven for craft beer lovers, with an offering of over 200 types of beer; any beer craving will be satisfied.

This working brewery is a safe haven from a busy world and is a great start to your night, perhaps before heading off to one of the many pumping nightclubs in town.

The Brothers also offer some tasty snacks to ensure you get to all enjoy as many of those 200 beer types as possible.

Skycity Chinese New year Food Market

Why not stop in our favourite Auckland casino, Skycity and enjoy their Friday night food market. The food stalls are inspired by Asian food, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is held each Friday until the second of March, from 5pm to 10pm.

While there try out a few slots games for fun or if you can’t make the Friday night event, try out a few sites pokies online  has to offer.

Twentyone Skycity

If you are in the neighbourhood of Skycity, you should absolutely stop in at club Twentyone, this is one of Auckland’s top nightclubs and is a super luxuries club that promises a fun night out. The club offers the best DJs available in Auckland as well as a large range of cocktails made by bartender s with epic flaring skills (if you are tired of visiting a brewery).

Twentyone promises a night to remember, so stop in when you’re in town.

Fridas Margaritas

If you are looking for a more chill night but still super fun night out, head to Fridas for a taste of margarita heaven. Made from 100% Blue Agave Tequila, the 10 margarita options might give you some stress but any one you choose is an excellent options.

From the Lychee & Chili Salt to the Blackberry& Coconut Margarita, Fridas Margarita bar will be a great way to spend a night in Auckland.

Cowboys Bar

If you feel like a bit of Americana on your night out in New Zealand, stop in at Cowboys Bar. This Auckland icon has many stories to tell, if the walls could talk people would blush! With its country and western decor and bartenders dressed as cowboys, this bar is always a fun and classic night out.

It has live music night and is firm favourite for match day event viewing, so if there is a game on while you are in town do head to Cowboys! (You can even get a cowboy hat for yourself, they are not mandatory to wear but the party is better with one}