10 Best Restaurants in Auckland, New Zealand

As the biggest city in New Zealand with a population of almost 418,000 people, there is plenty to do while visiting Auckland, but you’ll still have to find time to eat! While the city generally attracts those looking for outdoor adventure, the Auckland culinary scene is punching well above its weight and you won’t be disappointed with these 10 restaurants.

Augustus Bistro and Bar

Located in the heart of Ponsonby, Augustus Bistro offers an authentic, fine-dining French cuisine experience and caters for almost every dietary requirement, including vegetarian and gluten-free meals.


From Lebanon and Israel, through East Africa and Morocco, Beirut offers a dining experience unique to New Zealand and brings together an astounding blend of ingredients from the many cultures that make up the Middle East. Think Sujuk and Merguez Sausage, dry aged Basturma Beef and Labna Cured Yoghurt.


Cassia is the first restaurant in Auckland to offer modern Indian dining, and the concept is very close to the hearts of the owners Sid and Chand as they aim to showcase their heritage through contemporary cuisine. Ground-breaking culinary skills are blended with traditional Indian dishes, reworked with local ingredients.


As experts in the art of European Japanese fusion, Kazuya offers a unique fine-dining experience combining quality ingredients with quality of atmosphere and the simple mission to “make our guests smile”. Chef Kazuya makes use of low temperature, long duration roasting for meat, as well as traditional Japanese methods for preparing fish.


Euro Bar and Restaurant offers a high-class dining experience with simplistic flavours surrounded by beautiful ocean views and a lively atmosphere. As winners of multiple culinary awards, Euro will be a welcome break from the excitement of Crown Oaks Day betting at https://onlinebetting.nz/sports-betting/horse-betting/crown-oaks-day/!


If you’re feeling brave enough to ascend the steepest stairs in Auckland, a discreet oasis of luxury awaits you at MooChowChow. Chef Che Barrington expertly captures the sweet, sour, salty, and hot flavour combination which renders Thai food so unique, and MooChowChow is like a stroll through the fragrant night markets of Bangkok.

Orphans Kitchen in AucklandOrphans Kitchen

Orphans Kitchen thrives on the raw, diverse, and powerful landscape of New Zealand and remains faithful to the country that has so much edible love to give. With ingredients that look to the bush, the orchards, the ocean, plains, and the fjords, Orphans Kitchen aims to explore national flavours and identity.


As the name suggest, Pasture takes its inspiration from New Zealand’s landscape and produce, and once your food has been cooked over open fire, the chefs themselves will serve you your meal. Favouring traditional techniques such as pickling, fermenting, and preserving, Pasture offers a unique fine-dining experience.


Sidart is the dream of Sid Sahrawat, one of New Zealand’s most exciting chefs, revered and respected within the industry for his innovative and inspirational cooking. As Sid states, “We aim to combine the precise technique and product knowledge of formal dining with a personal touch I’d like to think is uniquely SIDART.”

The Grill by Sean Connolly

The Grill takes pride in offering its patrons a relaxed, uncomplicated atmosphere which compliments their fresh, honest fare, prepared simply to allow for the natural flavours to shine through. From pasture-fed meat to locally sourced, sustainable seafood, The Grill keeps things simple and authentic.