Auckland City

Auckland City is the biggest metropolitan area in New Zealand, and comprises over a third of the country’s entire population. Apart from being a modern, bustling city, Auckland stands as the main port for most of the tourists that enter the country. Due to this and its long history, Auckland has become a bastion of multiculturalism, where there are over 180 different ethnic groups living within the city. It has been ranked among the world’s best cities for many consecutive years, and people from all over the world move to the city every day.

Auckland boasts a huge range of attractions, entertainment facilities, and just about any service you could possibly want, whether you’re a tourist or a local; the city caters to everyone. Often called the City of Sails, Auckland gives home to over 135000 boats of every shape and size, and the thousands of yachts parked along the harbour is just one of the city’s many attractions.

What to See In Auckland

Auckland hosts an array of different activities and attractions across the city, from fine dining, shopping, entertainment, casinos in Auckland and much more. Although there is far too much in each part of the city to make a fully compiled list, there are some attractions offered by the city that stand out above others.

  • The Auckland Art Gallery: The largest and most complete collection of art and other exhibits in New Zealand. The gallery also offers visitors film screenings, performances, talks, and more.
  • Auckland Domain: This is Auckland’s largest and oldest park, and many sporting events are held during weekends.
  • Museums: There are a number of museums in the city that are worth visiting, such as the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, and the Auckland War Museum.
  • The Auckland Zoo: The biggest zoo in New Zealand hosting a variety of different animals, both local and exotic.

Auckland Popular Activities

By far the most popular activity for locals and tourists is the fine dining scene, and there are restaurants spread throughout the entire city. Food halls around the city offer local and cheap foods. Alongside the dining, there are friendly pubs that can be found in each neighbourhood, as well as bars and clubs that are situated closer to the centre of the city, such as in the Viaduct area.

Gambling is another extremely popular pastime in New Zealand, and Auckland has some of the biggest casinos in the country. Casinos in Auckland vary in shape and size, but the biggest and most well known casino is the SKYCITY Auckland Casino – which is a part of the SKYCITY casino range across the country. Included with the casino itself are restaurants, hotels, and other activities that make it a favourite among the residents of Auckland.

Auckland – The Place to Visit

While New Zealand certainly hosts a massive amount to do and see, including breath taking scenery, casinos in Auckland, and incredible natural wonders, the cities are definitely worth visiting. Auckland should be at the top of any tourist’s list of places to visit in New Zealand.

Beach in Auckland

Adventures You Can Only Have in Auckland

Auckland is a city in New Zealand’s North Island and is the most populous urban area in the country. Auckland boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, as well as the country’s best museums and cultural institutions. Take a look at 11 adventures you can only have in this incredible city. Paddle Out to

SKYCITY Auckland

SKYCITY Auckland

SKYCITY Auckland, often referred to as simply SkyCity, is an event centre and casino in Auckland’s Central Business District, located between the Federal and Victoria streets. It stands at the base of Auckland’s Sky Tower, and was the second casino to ever be built –and is still the only one for us to play at