Adventure Tourism in New Zealand

If you are a wild child, constantly in quest of the greatest thrill seeking, cage diving, sky flying adventures; you are in luck. New Zealand is a paradise for people who love living on the edge of their seats. With an assortment of thrill seeking activities, New Zealand plays host to a wide variety of adventure tourism packages to suit your taste buds.

Adventure tourism is a developing niche for many countries that offer and facilitate guided packages for extreme sports. Adventure tourism is gaining popularity through its unique appeal, which will challenge you at every opportunity, pushing you to your mental and physical limits.

The most extreme types of adventure tourism include, but are not limited to skydiving, shark cage diving, bungee jumping, base jumping and even rock climbing. If you love the thrill that risk brings, if online slots Canada games are what you play because they transport you to another world, or if you prefer to set off on an adventure that takes you off the beaten track, there is plenty to keep you amused.

Take The Plunge

As the official counts backwards from ten, each number like a drop of lead echoing in your ears. Your pulse begins to quicken, your heart already beating out of your chest, like an overworked timekeeper, your thoughts begin spiralling out of control like options, with only a clammy hand to wipe away your woes

Bungee jumping is a thrill, no matter how you look at it, you are willingly accepting to take a plunge from a raised structure, attached to a bungee cord of course. Once you jump and take the plunge, you are free. Free falling like an eagle soaring into a pit to snatch up its prey before it can scurry between some rocks, of course you aren’t an eagle, but it feels damn good to fly like one from time to time.

New Zealand offers a wide variety of jumps, the most iconic of which is the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown. This was the first bungee jumping facility in New Zealand, started in the 1980’s by two aspiring kiwis seeking adventure on their own terms.

Meander Down The Clouds

The ultimate in thrill seeking, skydiving tops the list for adrenaline junkies looking to touch the clouds and bring a piece of fresh air back down to earth. New Zealand is home to some of the most breath-taking landscapes mother nature offers, and what better way to get a fresh angle by floating above the majestic creations from 12 000 feet above the ground.

From the snow-capped mountains of Queenstown to the largest commercial drop zone in the world, Lake Taupo is surrounded by volcanoes, forests and the lake itself which makes for one of the most memorizing free fall jumps in the world.

Crash Course Through The Rapids

Get your helmet on for this one; rafting is another option for serious thrill seekers in quest of a surge in adrenaline. New Zealand is home to mountainous forests that flow from a gentle stage one drift experience all the way to a fully-fledged stage fiver rapid that will challenge you to hold on to your ore.

For people in quest of the thrill of white water look up Lake Taupo’s Tongariro River, which is a source of three various sections of untamed white water, ranging from stage two to stage four white water adventures.

Own Your Journey

Adventure tourism in New Zealand promises a profound journey that will challenge your emotions and test your physical abilities. Own your journey in New Zealand and reconnect with your inner thrill seeker by experiencing one of the many various packages on offer.

Winter in New Zealand is a great time to pack a bag and hit the scene, the sites are less busy and the thrills are more affordable, which means you can do more, see more and live more.