What Tourists Should Know Before Visiting Ontario

Ontario is one of the world’s most popular cities, and many consider it a must-see when seeing Canada for the first time. It’s a well-maintained city that boasts some of the highest standards of living across the globe, and anyone visiting the city will find endless things to do and see, enough to keep busy for weeks on end.

While Canada is known for being a welcoming and friendly country that attracts millions of tourists every year, those going for the first time will want to keep the following tips and hints in mind before crossing the border.

The Weather

One of the reasons that Ontario is such a popular city to visit is due to the otherwise temperate weather that most people living there enjoy. But it’s also worth keeping in mind that, like much of the rest of Canada, the weather can turn in an instant; going from warm and sunny to cold and freezing in a matter of a few hours. Obviously, this is much more prevalent the further north that a person travels, but the change in weather patterns in short notice is still something that affects most of the country, so it’s a good idea to dress accordingly.


There are two official languages in Canada: French and English. In a city like Ontario, the vast majority of people will speak English, but it’s not uncommon for tourists to encounter those that prefer to only speak in French. In some parts of the country, speaking French is mandatory, and some Canadians will not even engage with tourists who do not know the language. This is extremely uncommon in large, multicultural hubs like Ontario, but it’s still worth keeping in mind when visiting.

Tipping In Ontario

Tipping culture differs around the world but tipping in Canada is similar to the United States. This means that whenever a service is rendered, such as those done by hairdressers, cab drivers, employees at hotels, and waiters, it’s expected that a tip will be offered. Although it isn’t compulsory to tip, it’s generally recommended to tip at around 15 to 20% depending on the level of service, or maybe consider staying at the hotel, ordering in, and enjoying placing Aussie sports bets online.


Canada puts sales tax on all goods and services around the country, and it’s something that a lot of foreign tourists are surprised to learn when entering the country for the first time. Much of the time, the tax isn’t added to the price of the item at the store, but once the tourist is at the cashier counter, they will see an extra charge, which is usually around 15%. It’s a good idea to always keep this in mind when deciding on what items to buy, as the final price can sometimes be much higher than advertised.

Ontario is unmissable for the tourist visiting the wonderful country of Canada, and offers a thousand different sites to see, museums to visit, eateries to sit down at, and so much more.