Understanding Canada’s Gambling Laws

Like any country around the world, Canada maintains its own set of legislation and laws, which cover most of the infrastructural, governmental, and public issues that people deal with on a day-to-day basis. Canada is also home to one of the most popular gambling scenes in the world right now, where players are able to find a slot machine just about anywhere in the country.

They also boast a fairly robust online gambling scene, which includes online casinos as well as virtual playing halls of all shapes and sizes. For those players that live in Canada, or for those that are looking to visit the country while still being able to play their favourite games, this is what to know about the country’s gambling laws.

Local Online Casino Regulation

For a long time, there was very little regulation in terms of the online gambling world, which exploded quickly shortly after the internet became more accessible in the mid to late 1990s. From there, we saw thousands of casinos begin to pop up around the online space, and most countries were slow to implement any laws or regulations.

But as more thefts and money laundering became prevalent due to the lack of regulation, it became apparent that the government needed to step in and fix that, which is how licences were created. All online casinos within Canada are required by law to operate with a valid casino licence. This is ultimately a good thing for the players, as it means that the sites they use – for the most part – will not be able to get away with doing something unsavoury or illegal.

It’s always worth keeping in mind that attempting to start a casino without the proper regulation as given by the federal government is a crime and can lead to some legal issues.

Off-Shore Websites

Canadian citizens will be pleased to learn that there are no federal laws within the country that extend to casinos that are not actually based within Canada.

This means that a Canadian citizen is allowed to make use of any site that catches their fancy. It makes Canada one of the best countries around in terms of online gambling, although this also means that support might be limited, and if any theft does occur, the Canadian government does not have the jurisdiction to step in and launch an investigation.

Regardless, for the average player that wants to stick with well-known and reputable casinos, it certainly does help to be a Canadian, whether it’s for pokies in New Zealand or video poker in Pakistan.

Laws Per Province

Each one of the provinces of Canada handles gambling differently, where some will offer legal forms of gambling, whereas others might not. It’s important to know the province’s stance on a certain type of gambling before engaging.

For example, in the province of Ontario, it’s perfectly legal to play slot machines, bet on horse racing, make use of all types of casinos, as well as sports and lottery betting.