Top Rated Canadian Tourist Attractions

When it comes to vast, scenic landscapes, stunning vistas, and endless wilderness, there is simply no beating Canada. From one coast to the other, there are mountain ranges, incredible natural wonders, and, of course, a number of stunning cities.

Here are some of the attractions in the Great White North that travellers should certainly have on their bucket list.

Niagara Falls

There is simply no visiting Canada without seeing the world famous Niagara Falls. As far as local natural wonders go, these massive, majestic falls are the cream of the crop. Falling roughly 60 meters, and crashing into the Niagara Gorge, the sight of the frothing monstrosity will likely stay as a treasured memory for life.

Most interesting of all is that Niagara Falls can be seen astonishingly close, depending on which viewing point is chosen. Don’t forget that various events, such as tightrope walkers that traverse the vast space across the Gorge, can also be seen on a regular basis. There is a reason that millions flock to see this Canadian treasure on a yearly basis.

Banff National Park And Rocky Mountains

When most envision what Canada looks like, this is probably what springs to mind. The Banff National Park lies at the heart of the incredible Rocky Mountains, making the scenery so incredible as to seem like a living postcard.

However, most treasured of all in the area is the stunning Lake Louise, that skirts the Rocky Mountains close enough to be called a neighbour. It doesn’t get more Canadian, and more gloriously scenic, than this.

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Old Quebec

For those who like to split their time between natural beauty, and manmade beauty, there is Old Quebec. The area is a World Heritage Site, and for very good reason. Entering Old Quebec is akin to stepping into a time machine, with vast, impressive buildings that date back into times long forgotten. Visitors should be sure to visit Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, which is nothing short of a historical wonder.

Don’t forget aptly named Upper Town, which rests high above Quebec on a 100 meter cliff. Numerous ancient, yet gloriously stunning sights can be seen here, including the Parque Historique de l’Artillerie.

The Polar Bears Of Churchill

Lastly we have one of the most overlooked, and underrated events that can be witnessed by the public. Namely, the polar bear migration that occurs in Northern Manitoba, Churchill.

As the name suggests, onlookers can witness the regular migration that occurs in Hudson Bay, with polar bears leaving the mainland and heading off onto the ice. Churchill itself is normally a rather quiet, low profile town. However, during the polar bear migration the locals open up to accept visitors, eager to share the magical event.

Fascinatingly, buggy tours are offered, letting visitors travel out onto the snowy landscapes, and enjoy some pretty close encounters with the bears. Needless to say, the buggies are caged, and the tours are safe, regardless of the temperamental reputation that some of these white bears tend to have.