Top Activities for a Canadian Winter

Top Activities for a Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada is cold, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay bundled up indoors. Along with checking out some of the many amazing land based casinos there is also plenty of other things to enjoy. We’ve rounded up the most fun places to visit and the most fun things to do when the temperature drops!

Dog Sledding

You can go dog sledding just about anywhere in Canada in winter, and you’ll fast find that it is loads of fun. You get to sit snuggled up while the dogs pull you across the snow, and with the Rockies and the Yukon both providing picturesque backdrops, its easy to see why this activity comes highly recommended.

Ice Skating

There’s nothing better than ice-skating in the fresh crisp air, or even at night. There are plenty of outdoor rinks that pop up seasonally and provide the ideal place for you to try perfect your triple axel!

Outdoor Spas

Sitting in a hot tub or heated pool while the snow falls around you is a magical experience. There are several establishments that offer Scandinavian style baths and there’s no better way to relax, enjoy a bit of sports betting NZ and keep warm, than this!

Peak to Peak Gondola

You don’t have to enjoy skiing or snowboarding to enjoy this lift experience. Whistler Blackcomb’s Peak to Peak Gondola is the worlds longest ski lift and the views that it offers are simply breath taking. You get whisked along between the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in true skiers style.


If you’ve not got any skiing skills to speak of, or the thought of snow boarding gives you the chills, then you need to try tubing. This activity is ideal for all ages and it entails sliding down ice chutes and hills on a giant inflatable inner tune.

Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel, or Hotel de Glace near Quebec City is an iconic venue and it attracts a huge number of visitors every year. You too can enjoy the sights and sounds and you can even sleep over, as there are 44 rooms, all with beds made out of solid ice. If this doesn’t sound appealing, pop in for a drink at the ice bar and admire the sculptures instead!

Sugar Shacks

The ritual of ‘sugaring off’ is loads of fun and in Quebec there are plenty of places that help you indulge. The sugar shacks also offer fun for the whole family and you definitely need to go hungry. Home cured ham slathered with maple syrup, buckwheat pancakes and think pea soup are just some of the more traditional fare you’ll find on offer.

Northern Lights

No list of things to do in Canada in winter is complete without mention of the Northern Lights. This surreal natural spectacle is something everyone needs to see once in a lifetime, and the Aurora Borealis is truly an incredible sight. You can camp out under the stars, or you can opt for a sightseeing visit that doesn’t involve sleeping in artic conditions!