Tips for Exploring Canada on a Budget

With such incredible scenery and so much to do, there is no reason your tight budget should stop you from traversing Canada!

Cut Accommodation Costs

As lovely as staying in a quirky boutique hotel may be, if it wrecks your budget, why not consider something more affordable?

Airbnb combines lower costs with the comforts of more space and the chance to enjoy household amenities. You will be able to live like the locals do and save money at the same time.

You could also camp, enjoying the fresh air and incredible sites Canada has to offer while saving huge amounts of money on your lodgings.

And hostels are a great way to meet fellow travellers from around the world.

Eat Smarter

Why not eat in? If your accommodation includes kitchen amenities, use them! This can end up saving you massive amounts of money, and your budget can be stretched even further if you purchase produce grown locally.

Pack snacks to avoid splurging on expensive treats at popular tourist destinations, and don’t forget to chat to locals for insider info on fare that is as affordable as it is delicious. You may need to travel a little further, but you will be getting a better meal at a better price.

Examine How You’ll Get Around

A recent insurgence of affordable airlines means that travelling around Canada by plane is now easily within the means of most of us. Covering the country by rail is also a special experience. It is not just efficient, but also incredibly comfortable and provides a feast for the eyes.

If you have time on your side, driving a vehicle of your own can mean huge savings on your journey. As lengthy as the drive may be, you will be able to enjoy the breath taking views this part of the world is known for and engage – or not – in activities that you happen upon along your route.

And who knows? Thanks to your being able to enjoy your favourite slots in Singapore as you make your way through Banff, you may be able to splurge a little if you’re lucky and bank a win!

Find Things to Do

Keep your eyes peeled for free or cheap local activities happening in the towns and cities you are passing through. This will save you money and may even result in a much richer experience.

You should also always book in advance, especially if it’s a tourist attraction that you want to check out. This will save you time on the day you want to visit it, give you the chance to take advantage of possible discounts, and often tickets purchased this way are slightly cheaper than those available at the door.

Check listings for local festivals and events, too. All the biggest cities in Canada host free festivals of music, drama, science and more all year round. Local websites are a great resource, but local people are even better. Chat to whomever you can wherever you can.