The Best Zoos in Canada

Canada is a country that’s known for having as much to do as its southern neighbour, but with a much friendlier and welcoming population overall. There are countless things to do in the massive country, and it’s perfect for both the nature lover or the city goer. Most people can agree, however, that there are few better ways of spending a day than at the zoo, and Canada boasts some of the best zoos in the world. For the traveller that’s been itching to see a new and interesting exotic animal as they make their way through the Great North, these are the zoos that aren’t worth giving a skip.

Calgary Zoo

Found on the St George’s Island that’s part of the Bow River, this zoo is definitely an unmissable destination, and perfect for a day out with friends and family. Visitors will find over 100 different species of animals around the zoo, along with a variety of activities that are suitable for all ages. The zoo also provides plenty of education on the various habitats that can be found around the country, and it’s an excellent way of teaching young children about how important biodiversity is in a country like Canada.

Granby Zoo

Visitors wanting to visit Granby Zoo will need to drive about an hour out of the city of Montreal, where they can find one of the best ways to spend a day in Canada. Placed over 60 acres of land, the zoo has more than 1000 animals from 200 species, and there are plenty of different ways to keep the entire family entertained. The zoo was originally an animal sanctuary that was designed to house exotic and critically endangered animals, which has since turned into a thriving park for animals of every shape and size.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in the country, and spans over 700 acres which can be found in Rogue Valley. The zoo also has the biggest assortment of animals at over 5000, which consist of more than 450 unique species. The zoo was built from the ground up to be as welcoming as possible and has been split in different regions that showcase the habitat and how the animals would live. There are plenty of opportunities to take a walk around and interact with the various entertainment centres, or sit back and relax with some, and Splash Island makes for a great way for the kids to spend a hot afternoon.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton is a fantastic city to visit, and their zoo is by far one of the best that the country has to offer. It’s currently the home of around 350 native and foreign animals, which are made up of more than 100 species. The zoo, while small, puts most of its emphasis on conservation and education, with the hopes of showing visitors how important animal life is to us as a whole. There are multiple habitats available, each offering a unique set of education tools as well as the animals that inhabit them, making it a venue that must be seen when visiting Edmonton.