The Best Reasons To Visit Canada

Situated to the north of the United States, Canada is widely considered to be one of the very best countries in the world, offering visitors a chance to see everything it has to offer. From unique cities to massive national parks and huge forests, Canada is something of an adventurer’s paradise.

For those that have been feeling an urge to head out and visit an entirely new country, these following reasons might be enough to make Canada the most appealing destination in the world right now.

The National Parks

Canada is home to around 45 national parks, and it’s something that the Canadian government and its citizens have always put a lot of pride in. One of the most magnificent is Glacier National Park, which encompasses a large region of southern Canada, and is so large that it even crosses the border into the United States.

It’s arguably one of the best countries in the world for avid hikers, offering them the chance to hike through endless forests or up to the top of snow-capped peaks. Similarly to other countries like New Zealand, Canada is a prime spot for anyone that loves to spend time in the outdoors.

The Rich Culture

Anyone that has ventured through one of the larger cities found throughout Canada will attest to the fact that they are some of the most culturally diverse in the world. Canada has always attracted a wide variety of different religions, cultures, and peoples, and that can be seen in the cities, especially when we consider how famous the Canadians are for being tolerant of belief systems that are different to their own.

Not only that, but visitors can expect to come across plenty of various museums, some of which provide the chance to look into the history of the indigenous people that once lived throughout most of the country.

Plenty of Festivals

One truly appealing aspect of Canada is the focus on providing quality entertainment to the people. For music lovers, it’s very easy to find a live concert being played in most of the major cities, as well as a number of music festivals that would entertain just about everyone. It’s also a food lover’s paradise, with plenty of open markets and food festivals held throughout much of the country on an annual basis. But it’s just as easy to find a local public park and sit with a hot coffee and see all the latest from horse racing betting in the US.

The People

There’s a lot that can be said about the people of Canada, and it’s all pretty positive. They are known throughout the globe for their friendly and welcoming demeanour, and many go to the country just to see if all the rumours are true – and they almost always are. Canadians are welcoming and warm to all kinds of people, regardless of their ethnicities or backgrounds, and makes the country truly special for those that are sick of dealing with such problem as racism. They pride themselves on diversity, and many have called it one of the very best parts of the country as a whole, and it’s well worth heading out to see it in person.