The Best Expat Communities in Canada

Canada has become a hub for those wanting to settle down in a first world, free-market country that’s extremely progressive. Fortunately, there are plenty of expat communities around Canada that are more than welcoming to anyone looking for a little slice of home somewhere new.

London, Ontario

There are at least 10,000 British expats living in London, Ontario at the moment. One of the benefits of living in London is that it’s only about an hour of driving before entering the United States. Because of the University of Western Ontario’s presence, the biotechnology market is huge in terms of job opportunities. This biotechnology industry has attracted a lot of Canada-U.S. trade and research partnerships.  Apart from employment opportunities, London is also close to some of Canada’s best national parks, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The largest population of 600,000 expats from around the world lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. There are plenty of incredible job prospects for professionals working with companies linked to Asia. There are world-class schools for families that intend to bring their children along, where they will be part of a first-world, vibrant city. There is also is a strong cultural link to the UK, where there are islands like Victoria that are still part of the UK. Vancouver is truly a cosmopolitan city that provides ample cultural diversity, amazing restaurants to those who once lived in similar cities, while at the same time having access to the natural wonders of Canada such as Banff and Whistler.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, because of its foothold in the oil & gas industry, is one of the most stable cities in Canada. The province also has strong ties with the United States for the same reason, making it a popular settling spot for those from further south. As far as the Oil & Gas industry is concerned, British expats have earned job offers to work in multinational companies ‘ offices that have a presence in Edmonton. There has also been a substantial increase in technology development and training within the region, with opportunities available to those that are interested in working in technological and research fields, and like all other regions within the country, the education system is one of the world’s very best. Canada is also a favourite for those that love online betting, and want to enjoy their favourite esports betting sites.

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario has one of Canada’s highest rates of expat immigrants. There are currently 15,000 UK expats living there. Besides UK expats, there are also Indians, Poles, Italians, and Portuguese, making the expat experience an enjoyable and special one. British expats constantly praise the outstanding restaurants in the city. The city also provides unparalleled access to Lake Ontario for expats that want to experience the natural wonders that Canada has to offer. Biosciences, agricultural industry, and manufacturing plants are the primary business industries in the area.. A large proportion of international expats who have moved there did do due to a wide range of work opportunities, and it remains a popular tourist hub.