The Best Casinos in Canada

The Best Casinos in Canada

As far as its reputation as a travel destination is concerned, Canada is primarily known for its blend of awesome natural beauty and incredible city life. If you’re on the lookout for specific entertainment, however, you’ll be glad to hear that it also provides a number of casino experiences on a par with top US destinations like Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

If you’ve had your fill of online bingo and want to bet on black at an actual Roulette table, or chase a Royal Flush in a land-based Poker game, then here are some top recommendations.

Caesars Windsor

Windsor, Ontario is home to Caesars Windsor, and this venue benefits from how closely its situated to the US border, drawing on American tourists from Detroit, Michigan thanks to its proximity. Beyond that, however, it is at the forefront of gaming advances, and is frequently updated with the latest and greatest in terms of entertainment and real money gambling.

Casino de Montréal

Casino di Montréal is, as the name suggests, located in Montréal, in Quebec, and may well be Canada’s No. 1 tourism destination. It is also one of the biggest gambling houses in the world, and you will be able to take your pick from more than 3 000 slots machine titles, over 100 different gaming tables, and the casino’s very own street, just outside the venue.

When you combine this information with the fact that Montréal itself is widely held to be one of the most fascinating cities in not just Canada, but the world, this venue becomes a must-see!

Casino Niagara

Situated at the Falls in Ontario, this venue excels thanks to the extraordinary beauty of its surroundings. It’s just one block from the beautiful Rainbow Bridge, near Niagara Falls, and it draws tourists who have been to see the landmark already, making for a lively crowd intent on having fun.

Casino Nova Scotia

If you are planning to pay Halifax, Nova Scotia, a visit, make sure you visit this venue. Located somewhat off the beaten path for a casino, when you actually see where it’s situated, you will quickly understand why it is where it is. Overlooking the Atlantic, it may not be the biggest place to play, but it certainly is one of the cosiest, and one of the friendliest, too. If you enjoy visiting smaller, quaint casinos for something less mainstream, then you’ve found your spot!

River Rock Casino Resort

Located in Richmond, in British Columbia, River Rock provides all the perks you would expect of a first-rate casino destination. There is a plethora of gaming options, luxury accommodation, and impeccable restaurants on site. But it’s setting is what gives River Rock its edge: situated on the banks of the Fraser River, the views will amaze you.

River Cree Casino Resort

While technically River Cree is in Enoch, Alberta, it also operates as the main gambling den for the whole Edmonton area, which makes it an exciting place to play. There are many gaming options for you to choose from, and the crowd is usually big, which always adds to the experience. You’ll also be able to get an understanding of the Canuck passion for Ice Hockey here, and its full-sized facilities frequently see Edmonton Oilers paying it a visit.