Quebec in CanadaQuebec is known for many things, including its unique geography, stunning natural beauty, and as an outstanding holiday destination. Visitors to the area may experience picturesque rolling hills and breathtaking forests, as well as snowy wonderlands in the cold seasons. The area is, in other words, one of the most unique and stunning places in the world that a holiday maker can explore.

One of the other things that draw visitors to the area, apart from the stunning natural beauty, is that some of the finest casinos in the world are located in Quebec. The establishments are not only renowned for their incredible luxury and breathtaking designs, but also for being located amongst magnificent natural beauty. This gives visitors a truly unique holiday experience, with the magnetic lure of natural beauty on one side, and the luxury of a world class casino on the other. Let’s take a look at some of the finest casinos in Quebec.

Casino De Montreal – Montreal

By far the most well known and renowned casino in Montreal, Quebec, is the aptly named Casino De Montreal. The establishment is well known for offering guests breathtaking extravagance and awe inspiring beauty, with fabulously grand structures, expansive interiors, and a world that all but turns into a fairytale at night. Virtually everything a guest could want is available, including live shows, sprawling casinos, and a strong focus on luxury. As far as casinos in Quebec go, the Casino De Montreal is the first choice of many.

But what makes the Casino De Montreal a Quebec casino that stands apart from the others, is two distinct aspects. The first is the legendary cabaret offered on the premises, featuring classic, enormously extravagant singing and dancing, straight out of the pages of old school Vegas. The show is enormously popular, and many travel to the Casino e Montreal purely to see the show.

The second aspect that makes the Casino De Montreal a second to none holiday destination is the gambling facilities, which are among the largest and most varied in the whole of Canada. Guests may choose from thousands of slot games, while dozens of dedicated roulette and blackjack tables are also available. The establishment has a special focus on Texas Hold’Em Poker, with a twenty four hour VIP room available.

That the Casino De Montreal is the best casino in Montreal, is all but a given.

Casino de Mont-Tremblant – Mont Tremblant

Quebec CasinosThe Casino De Montreal focuses on size and grandeur, but the Casino de Mont-Tremblant takes the opposite approach. The establishment is a great deal smaller, but focuses on offering a cosy, picturesque experience, with much in the way of awe inspiring natural beauty. Located in a stunning natural area, with amazing vistas in every direction, the Casino de Mont-Tremblant is a spectacular Quebec casino.

Cosy, however, does not mean that this is not still one of the most luxurious casinos in Quebec. With a full gourmet menu available at the on-premises dining establishments, as well as the unique offering of scenic helicopter tours, the Casino de Mont-Tremblant is a unique and exciting holiday destination. As far as gambling and gaming goes, the focus is on blackjack, where visitors test their luck and hope to walk away with one of the enormous jackpots that have been won.

And don’t forget to check out the promotional Romance Packages, which are all about offering a relaxing, enchanting time for you and your loved one.

Aventure du Husky – Labelle

You can’t get much more of a unique experience, or a casino that demonstrates the versatility of being a Quebec casino more than the Aventure du Husky. As the name implies, the casino and holiday resort is based around taking day trips with husky dogs. There are virtually no other holiday in the world based around this unique concept, making the Aventure du Husky a must visit location for those who seek adventure, as apposed to luxury.

Which is not to say this remarkable Quebec casino offers no luxury, because after your expedition out into the snow, you can return to a beautiful establishment, surrounded on all sides be snowy white landscape. Bars and gourmet dining facilities are ready to see to your every desire, providing much needed entertainment and relaxation after the excitement of exploring the snowy wilderness.

Another focus of the Aventure du Husky establishment it is its dog race tracks, where high spirited canine friends dart around a track in chase of an artificial rabbit. Many guests love to try their luck and place bets on the dogs, possible via the on-premises betting station. Just another unique offering from the variety casinos in Quebec.

Of course, the casino facilities at the resort are also outstanding, although not as expansive as some other Quebec casinos on this list, they are varied, flexible, and offer a little something for all tastes. With a great selection of slot games, and a good number of classic table games, there is little else a person in a snowy wonderland could ask for.

Shopping in Quebec City

Shopping in Quebec City Quebec City is a shopper’s paradise and there is always lots to see and do, and many areas of the city to explore.  There are wonderful boutiques, art galleries and excellent gourmet food shops, so no matter what you’re after, you’re sure to find it. Shopping Streets The Petit Champlain District

Must-Visit Wine and Cheese Stops in Quebec

Must-Visit Wine and Cheese Stops in Quebec Just an hour away from the bustling Montreal, Quebec’s Eastern Townships – situated between the St. Lawrence River and the US border – provide a veritable smorgasbord of the most incredible wineries, fromageries, and eateries. This countryside getaway will satisfy each of your senses: taste the delicious vintages

A Quick Guide to Montreal Casino

A Quick Guide to Montreal Casino The Montreal Casino, known as the Casino de Montréal in French, is situated on the Notre Dame Island of the Ville-Marie borough in Montreal, Quebec, and holds the honour of being the biggest casino in Canada. It never sleeps, staying open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,

Travelling Guide To Quebec City

Top three reasons to add Quebec City to your travel plans  Quebec City is the capital of the Quebec province in Canada, its roots dating back to 1608 when colonist first settled here. This beautiful city is located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, and the majority of the population speak French. Don’t

Casino de Montréal in Quebec

Casino De Montreal

Casino de Montreal is top-quality casino located on the Notre Dame Island in the Ville Marie Borough of Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest casino in Canada, so if you like big casinos with lots to choose from, this one’s for you. The casino consists of three interconnected buildings, with six floors on the main