Nova Scotia And Off Track Betting

The majestic beauty of Nova Scotia encompasses a wide variety of untouched landmarks that echo the lifestyle, which every season traveller yearns to reach out and explore.  The scenic beauty, the wild running landscape and the undisciplined nature of the land reach out in a series of dramatic attempts to touch the soul and leave the thirsty traveller yearning for more.

Situated on one of Canada’s Eastern Maritime provinces on the Atlantic, Nova Scotia consist of a peninsula and an abundance of offshore islands.  Visitors will enjoy extreme water sports like kayaking and whale watching in the Bay Of Fundy. This majestic place is home to puffins and seals, which makes it an ultimate getaway adventure for the thrill-seeker in quest of unique adventures.

The Off Track Betting Season

Punters from Halifax who enjoy off track bidding will no longer be limited to the grounds at Halifax.  The good news is that there is a new alternative on the horizon, which sees the ponies on the doorstep of a Nova Scotia betting arena.

Chris Roberts the general manager at Casino Nova Scotia has announced that off track betting will be available at Nova Scotia Halifax within a few months.  This means that punters can enjoy their favourite pastime off horse racing betting in Nova Scotia without ever leaving the area.  It’s a great leap forward for the residents in the area that wish to wager on the ponies.

The Legality Of It All

Horse racing in Canada has long been a favourite pastime of punters just as online CAD casino options have been; these options are optimal for punters in quest of an alternative to standard betting.  Horse racing betting allows for the kind of control that no other traditional casino game can provide.  The discipline allows for extended control over the bet and how the bet is met rather than spinning with the hope in the wind.  The Truro Raceway Off-track Betting Site will be licensed by the Canadian Pari-Mutuels Agency.

There Is So Much More On Offer

Horse racing betting is an integral part of thrilling wagering activity.  Punters opting for horse racing options should be aware that CNS Halifax will delight the senses with over 500 slot machines, 32 table games – including high limit table games, entertainment venues spread over 70 000 square feet of space.

Bound To Pick Up

Even with the disappointing figures and interest expressed in the gambling community within Nova Scotia, the new raceway is bound to attract punters to a new way of wagering on the ponies.  It’s not just about wagering on the horses, rather the entire experience at the new establishment is focused on raw entertainment coupled with an intense dynamic, which sees Nova Scotia at the top of the log.

It’s a thrilling new entertainment option that has been long awaited by punters who are keen to get a foot in the door to this particular betting option. The diverse assortment of thrilling entertainment on horse racing betting is sure to make an impact in the community opting for this option.