Let’s Talk about the Casino Scene in Nova Scotia

Canada is a remarkable country, and brings in millions of tourists every year for a variety of reasons. The first is the landscape, with sprawling, natural forests, incredible mountains, and crystal clear lakes. The next are the cities, each one a beacon of multiculturalism and diversity, and few other countries boast the same amount of tolerance that the average Canadian is used to. Canada is also a hub of gambling activity, and far from being the seedy, underhanded world that many associate with casinos, this is a country where it’s done above board for the sake of entertainment.

Nova Scotia in particular has a buzzing casino scene, and one that has seen more success than many of the other provinces. There are a number of casinos and gambling venues dotted around the province, and each one is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Whatever the case for visiting Canada, it’s worth checking out one of the many casinos in the country, as each one is unique in its own way.

Most Popular Nova Scotia Casinos

  • Casino Nova Scotia Sydney: Casino
  • Casino Nova Scotia Halifax: Casino
  • Bridgewater Legion Bingo: Bingo hall
  • Darmouth Sportsplex Super Bingo: Bingo Hall
  • Farrel Hall Bingo: Bingo Hall
  • Halifax Forum Super Bingo: Bingo Hall
  • Inverness Raceway: Horse Race Track
  • Membertou Entertainment Center: Bingo Hall and Slot Machines
  • Northside Downs: Horse Racing Track
  • Sackville LDRA Bingo: Bingo Hall
  • Trure Raceway: Horse Racing

Nova Scotia Gambling Information

Overall, Nova Scotia is home to a total of 11 casinos, with a combined 774 slots and gaming machines. There are 40 table games to choose from, and various poker tournaments held around the province like different games are added here online. Many of the casinos also offer convention centres and community meeting space, with venues designed both for work and recreation.

Nova Scotia Halifax is the biggest casino in the province with over 500 gaming machines along with 32 tables. Visitors will also find 8 poker tables, along with Halifax Hotels, and entertainment halls such as the Schooner Showroom, the Compass Room, and the Harbourfront Lounge.

After this is the Membertou Entertainment Center, which has 272 machines and a total of 8 table games, but this venue is more suited for conference and weddings. A popular centre for poker, visitors to the casino can also enjoy the local bar and grille, and stay at the Sydney Hotels at night.

Thirdly we have Casino Nova Scotia in Sydney, which offers the largest gaming space in the area, making it a prime location for tournaments, such as poker and bingo. One of the biggest attractions for this casino is the Music Hall of Fame, featuring well-known Canadian and international musicians throughout the ages.

Nova Scotia is full of things to do and casinos to visit, and no tourist or local should have a moment of boredom while touring the province.