casinos in Nova ScotiaNova Scotia, located in Canada, is famous for being a remote, beautiful location, offering much in the way of unspoiled beauty and breathtaking scenery. The province makes up one fourth of Atlantic Canada, and sees many visitors who seek to get a taste of the unparalleled natural beauty that makes up much of the landscape.

Nova Scotia is one of the least populated areas in Canada, and as such has a reputation for being far from the hustle and bustle of Canada’s more populated regions. Those who visit Nova Scotia, however, do so for that very reason. In fact, those who live their lives in hectic city centres often find Nova Scotia to be the exact right location for a relaxing holiday.

Just because Nova Scotia is remote, however, it does not mean that it offers no luxury amongst its rolling hills and sprawling landscapes. The Casino Nova Scotia, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, is a highly popular holiday destination, and manages to provide outstanding gambling and entertainment facilities, even as guests admire the landscape.

Casino Nova Scotia – Live Entertainment

There are no other casinos in Nova Scotia, other than the Casino Nova Scotia itself. This is perhaps why the location has seen such immense popularity. It might also be, however, that the establishment manages to secure performances by some of the best local and international live music shows. The live entertainment offered is second to none, and many book lodging at the establishment simply to see some of their favourite bands perform. A number of world renowned musicians have graced the stage, and many more are likely to do so in the future.

The live entertainment changes on a regular basis, with new shows every few days. Be sure to check the casino website in order to get bookings for current, and up and coming shows. Also be sure to book early, as the live entertainment venue has limited seating, and is often booked up well in advance.

Casino Nova Scotia – Dining

Nova Scotia casino resortsThe Casino Nova Scotia has two separate dining facilities, each catering towards a different crowd. The Station is an eating establishment that knows casino guests are often on the move, and sometimes even in a hurry. The menu, although filled with delicious meals, can be served quickly, and those in a pinch can be assured of a quick meal, and still be in time to catch the show. The meals are also affordable, but still bursting with quality and flavour.

The Casino Nova Scotia is a casino located in Halifax, overlooking the Halifax Waterfront, and the Trapeze restaurant takes full advantage of this. Guests are treated to a stunning view out over the ocean, which is a spectacle not many casinos can offer. Complimenting this outstanding sight is a menu sure to please even those with the most refined palates. With a special focus on seafood, the Trapeze menu is a masterpiece all of its own. Be sure to book your table early if you want to experience The Trapeze at Casino Nova Scotia.

Casino Nova Scotia – Sports Betting

A Nova Scotia casino wouldn’t be worth its salt if it didn’t cater to those Canadians and international guests who loved sport. The bar in Casino Nova Scotia has a focus on sports viewing and betting, with a particular interest in the ice hockey season. When the ice hockey season gets rolling, the Casino Nova Scotia rolls out the red carpet for sports fans. Enormous TVs are available to watch the game on, and on-premises betting stations let you put your money where your mouth is.

Casino Nova Scotia – Gaming

A Nova Scotia casino is also going to know how to please its gaming guests, and the casino section of the Casino Nova Scotia is a big one. There are over 500 slot games to choose from, featuring all the latest and greatest offerings, including real life versions of popular Canadian online slots, such as the Game of Thrones slot game. So, if slot games are your thing, you’ll have more options than you might know what to do with.

The focus of the casino, however, is on table games, specifically poker. There are a total of eight dedicated poker tables, all housed in a separate section of the casino floor. This lets the poker fans get busy with what the like best, separate from the other hustle and bustle of the casino.

Some of the other table games available include roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

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Get a taste of a unique Nova Scotia casino experience now, enjoying the waterfront beauty, enormous casino section, and all the scenic beauty you could ask for. Visitors can make their bookings online, or call the casino directly. Don’t forget to book early for the live entertainment, or if you’d like to visit the Trapeze at Casino Nova Scotia.

Introducing You about the Top Tourist Attractions in Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is one of eastern Canada’s Maritime Provinces on the Atlantic which consists of peninsula and offshore islands, and is home to puffins and seals. Popular amongst water sports enthusiasts, hikers, and explorers alike, Nova Scotia offers much in the way of popular tourist destinations, and not one, not two…but five UNESCO Heritage Sites!

Casino Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia And Off Track Betting

The majestic beauty of Nova Scotia encompasses a wide variety of untouched landmarks that echo the lifestyle, which every season traveller yearns to reach out and explore.  The scenic beauty, the wild running landscape and the undisciplined nature of the land reach out in a series of dramatic attempts to touch the soul and leave

Casino Nova Scotia in Canada

Casino Nova Scotia

The Casino Nova Scotia is a decent casino located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with another location in Sydney. There aren’t a huge number of slot machines and they don’t offer bonus slots, but they do have the latest and most popular themes. All your favourite table games are on offer, as well as Ultimate Texas