Canadian Food You Should Try

As the second largest country in the entire world, Canada is filled with diversity when it comes to its languages, activities to do and of course, its cuisine. The country is home to a number of traditions which have their different types of food. If you are a food lover and happen to be travelling to Canada, these are some of the popular foods you should definitely try.

  1. Montreal Smoked Meat

The Montreal Smoked Meat is a kosher style deli meat that’s a staple for Quebecoise cuisine. It’s cured meat that’s marinated in a spice blend for almost a week, then hot smoked. The flavour and texture are like that of a pastrami or corned beef, however, the way it’s been processed and cut plays an integral part of making it a Montreal Smoked Meat.

  1. Butter Tarts

The first Butter Tarts recipe dates to around the 1900 and is still loved in the present day. Butter Tarts are a small pastry that consist of butter, syrup, sugar, and egg fillings which is baked until the fillings are semi-solid with a delicious crunchy top.

  1. Nanaimo Bars

This dessert is named after Nanaimo BC, a city in Canada. The traditional dessert recipe consists of a pale custard centre, surrounded with a coconut, a nut wafer base, and a layer of chocolate ganache to top it off. Many renditions of the Nanaimo Bars have bee created including flavours ranging from pistachio, peanut butter, mint and more.

  1. Poutine

Another Quebec dish you should try out in Canada is poutine. The dish is made up of fresh cut fries, hot gravy, and melty cheese curds. Poutine is eaten all year round in the entire country. You can find it everywhere, at restaurants, food trucks, cafes, festivals and even their fast-food chains. Poutine ingredients generally remain the same, but some recipes offer interesting takes by adding the likes of oysters, lobster, curry, and others.

  1. Tourtéire

Tourtéire, is a word that refers to both the dish and the name of the vessel it’s made in. This meat pie is usually served over the holidays. Some versions of Tourtéire are made with different ingredients depending on which parts of Canada you’re in but one common trait about this meaty pie is that it almost always has a double crust of flaky and savoury pastry. It is mostly well known in Quebec and the meat used to make it vary from beef, pork and veal that’s flavoured with clove and cinnamon. In Acadia, Tourtéire is often just made with pork and baked in smaller or individual portions.

  1. Timbits

Canadians love themselves some doughnuts almost as much as they love a Canadian mobile casino, and this country consumes millions of them in a year. It’s no surprise that you’ll easily stumble upon a doughnut shop on almost every city block. The most popular restaurant to have your daily dose of doughnuts in Canada is Tim Hortons. If you’re Canadian, there is no doubt that you’ve probably been to this establishment. The Timbits come in an array of flavours such as honey dip, powdered sugar, chocolate, old fashioned and many more.