British Columbia – Top Things To Do

The Best Ways To Stay Entertained In British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada’s most western province, and is also one of the wildest parts of the country. Forests, lakes, mountains, and quaint towns can be found throughout the massive province, and it has proven to be one of Canada’s most visited provinces for tourists. It’s one of the few places in the world where the first world and natural world combine into the perfect destination for anyone planning to visit the country at some point.

The province is also packed with endless things to do. Whether it’s hiking through one of the famous forests, checking out the winter sports that take place in the colder months, or staying at a luxury resort, BC has it all, and much more. For those that are organising a visit to the province, these are the best ways to stay occupied.

  1. Glacier National Park

One of the most beautiful, unspoiled parks in the world, Glacier National Park is an untouched paradise available to all nature-lovers. It has endless, sprawling forests, crystal clear rivers and lakes, and enough trails to keep hiking-enthusiasts busy for hours. It’s a perfect amalgamation of green forest and white mountain tops, and is sure to take anyone’s breath away the moment they gaze upon one of Canada’s most scenic locations.

  1. Butchard Gardens

Located not far outside Victoria, the Butchard Gardens are a marvel to behold. Thanks to the mild climate, the gardens are constantly bursting with colour, with hundreds of different flowers carpeting the large piece of lands. Trees, plants, and water features of every shape and size can be found, and visitors wouldn’t be blamed if they felt like they had wandered into a garden straight from a fantasy world.

  1. Vancouver

Heralded as one Canada’s most beautiful cities, Vancouver is the perfect stop for anyone that wants a taste of something uniquely Canadian. From its famed multiculturalism to its friendly inhabitants, Vancouver is a bustling metropolis that also manages to feel quaint and welcoming, and provides offers a massive range of facilities to keep tourists entertained for their entire stay.

  1. River Rock Casino

Not everyone wants to spend their entire vacation in the parks and gardens that are spread throughout the province, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend a day or two hitting the tables or machines. Cited as the best casino in western Canada, River Rock Casino Resort offers a variety of different activities, including gambling machines, table games, hotels, and eateries. It’s an engaging alternative to the usual pokies online for real money.

  1. Wine Tasting

Canada is well known for its wine routes, and few are better than Thompson Okanagan. The region is packed with over 120 wineries, where visitors are able to stop and taste the different kinds of wines offered in the area, along with plenty of restaurants and cafes, all set against a gorgeous background. There are a number of award-winning wineries in the area, such as Mission Hill, which won the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2013. While it’s possible to do self-guided tours of the area, it’s also possible to take part in the bike tours that have become popular.