British Columbia CasinosBritish Columbia, or BC, is located on the western stretch of Canada. The area is known for its picturesque beauty and stunning vistas, with majestic pine forests and rocky outcrops of mountain stretching off for as far as the eye can see. This makes British Columbia an excellent destination for holiday makers, especially those who enjoy outdoor beauty.

The area is also very well known, however, for its amazing casinos resorts, which bring a touch of luxury to the beautiful landscapes.  In fact, casinos in British Columbia are known to be some of the best in the world, and visitors from across the world make the journey to kick back and relax in lavish environments, while also having rolling natural beauty just a short distance away. Let’s have a look at some of the top casinos in British Columbia.

River Rock Casino – Richmond

First on our list of BC casinos is the River Rock Casino and Resort, located in Richmond. The most obvious thing that will strike visitors about the River Rock Casino is that it is located on the bank of the Fraser River, housed on the aptly named River Road. This means that guests are treated to a stunning view out over the river, which makes for some breath stealing beauty at all hours of the day. Especially, however, when the sun goes down and casino lights up the river, creating an environment stolen straight from the pages of a romance novel. Take a walk up the waterfront when you need a break from the casino action, and just let the natural beauty of the area wash over you.

But aesthetic beauty isn’t the only thing the River Rock Casino has to offer. The casino floors are crowded with an enormous variety of games, with a total of over 1,200 slot games. All the favourites are present, including roulette, blackjack, and even a private VIP poker room, for those who want to take what they’ve learned from poker games online and put it to the test in the real world.

Not in the mood for gambling? Then why not take a seat at one of the five world class restaurants, ranging from light snacks to delicious gourmet feasts. And nothing goes with a great meal like great entertainment, which is why the River Rock Casino has incredible live entertainment, seven days a week.

As far as casinos in British Columbia go, the River Rock casino is one of the best, and perhaps even the overall best. You can make bookings online now, simply by visiting the website. Remember that guests must be nineteen years or older, and that you may be asked to present identification before being allowed entrance.

Casino Of The Rockies – Cranbrook

casinos in British ColombiaNext on our list of British Columbia casinos is the Casino of the Rockies, located in Cranbrook. The River Rock Casino had the Fraser River as a stunning setting, and the Casino of the Rockies has the Saint Eugene golf course. Offering endless acres of beautiful golf greens, punctuated by duck filled lakes and sun kissed rose gardens, the environment of the Casino of the Rockies is a breath taking one. You can check in at the on location luxury hotel, choose to visit the beauty spa, and maybe go for a few rounds of golf. The establishment also specialises in catering for weddings, for those who are thinking about dropping the big question.

The jewel of the establishment is, of course, the Casino of the Rockies, which has a broad selection of slot games, and a focus on world class blackjack and roulette tables. Note that the Casino of the Rockies has gone entirely digital, meaning that your game of blackjack will have a touch of futuristic science fiction.

Bookings for the Casino of the Rockies are also available online. Be sure to book in advance, however, as the establishments enormous popularity often have it booked out for months.

Hard Rock Casino – Vancouver

Last on out list of BC casinos is the Hard Rock Casino, located in Vancouver. The Hard Rock Casino may not have rolling golf greens or a pleasant river, but what it does offer is good old fashioned fun in spades. The focus of the establishment is on exceptional live entertainment, affordable dining, and all the gambling facilities you could hope for.

The Hard Rock Casino is one of few British Columbia casinos that bring you live car shows, featuring all the classic, exotic and muscle cars you can handle in an evening. And when you’re done experiencing the live entertainment, you can head over to the tables and test out your poker skills against the locals. The Hard Rock Casino has plenty of slot games, a variety of table games, and a special focus on high stakes poker. And don’t forget the sports betting facilities, with live game feeds, on the premises.

British Columbia – Top Things To Do

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Top 10 Must-See Places in British Columbia

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Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver If you’re after a top British Columbia casino, and an all round good time then you should definitely consider paying Vancouver’s Hard Rock Casino. While it may not be as beautiful as the River Rock Casino that boasts an enchanting setting, it offers an incredible amount of entertainment for all who

River Rock Casino and Resort 

River Rock Casino Resort

Even with the best online casino gambling, at some point you get tired of sitting at home. River Rock Casino and Resort is a casino and resort in British Columbia, Canada. It is Western Canada’s only four-diamond casino resort. It has all your favourite table games, slot machines, and a special Racebook area to bet