Canada’s Very Best Waterparks

There are endless activities throughout the country of Canada to keep the entire family enthralled from the moment they touch down. From incredible museums to beautiful cities, Canada stands out among other countries thanks to its mixture of multiculturalism and its countryside.

But sometimes taking a trip down to the nearest waterpark is the best way to spend the day.

With that in mind, these are the best waterparks in Canada.

Cultus Lake Water Park – British Columbia

Located in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, which is around an hour and a half’s drive out of Vancouver, this park is made up of a large amount of different activities that are fit for the entire family.

From the Valley of Fear to The Pirates’ Cove, this multi-level playground is the perfect way to spend the day.

Bromont Water Park, Quebec

Bromont is made up of six different pools; each with their own slides and chutes. They range from extremely easy for younger children, to more advanced rides that are best suited for adults. On top of this, the park comes with a heated wave pool that’s designed to simulate the ocean without any of the downsides.

Along with this, La Tournade and Les Serpents are the park’s newest slides, and provide plenty of action for those looking to seek some extreme adventure.

Amazoo Waterpark – Granby Zoo – Quebec

The Amazoo waterpark is a 12-acre, Amazon-themed park that comes complete with a beach, palm trees, and its own waves. It also boasts its own lazy river, where visitors are able to take slow, lazy boat rides, as well as private cabana that can be hired for a late afternoon nap under thatched palms.

Captain Dragon’s Den is a shallow pool that has endless foam and bubbles, providing a fun adventure for children of all ages.

Granville Island waterpark and Adventure Playground – Vancouver

Vancouver is a city that everyone needs to visit at least once, and while there, it’s worth checking out the Granville Island Waterpark. This large park, set in Granville Island, comes complete with spray pads and rotating spray cannons, along with geysers and fire hydrants.

Along with this, visitors can enjoy water slides and special play zones for toddlers. The park is surrounded by green zones that allow parents to take some time out to catch some sun or to enjoy some top Dubai online casino games all while still being able to see what their children are getting up to.

Splash Works Waterpark – Toronto

Toronto is one of the largest cities in the country, and comes with world-class activities fit for everyone visiting the city. Splash Works is part of Canada’s Wonderland adventure park, but it’s more than a simple theme park.

The 300-acre park allows the visitor to enjoy both wet and dry adventures over the course of a day. Splash island is designed to allow adults to drift on a boat over a quarter mile of lazy river, while adjoining splash zones and shallow pools for children are there to keep the kids entertained for hours.