Best Casinos In Ontario

The Best Casinos Ontario Has To Offer

Canada is well known for its casinos and gambling, where most of it is completely legal for everyone in the country. Despite all the negative connotations attached to gambling in general, Canada proves time and time again that they can be there simply for entertainment’s sake, and while there are some negative stories that pop up here and there, these tend to be exceptions to the rule.

Not only has gambling provided Canadian citizens with plenty of interesting pastimes to participate in, it has also been a powerful boon to the economy, providing thousands of jobs and injecting huge amounts of revenue into the country. One of the top gambling cities in the country is Ontario, where a number of famous casinos exist, offering enough entertainment and fun to rival even the casinos of Las Vegas.

Slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker are just some of the games that these casinos offer versions of, and for those looking for a new casino to visit in Canada, these Ontarian gambling venues are worth the time and effort. If you don’t have time however there’s always the option of enjoying the online roulette Canada has to offer too.

  1. Ontario Casinos: Casino Niagara

Situated at one of Canada’s most beautiful natural wonders, the Niagara Falls, this casino is also one of the country’s most popular, and attracts millions of visitors every year. First constructed in 1996, the casino was built over the old Maple Leaf Village amusement park, and has since turn the once empty lot into a constant buzz of activity. Boasting over 1500 slots and 40 table games, Casino Niagara is the perfect destination for casino loves of every shape and size.

  1. Ontario Casinos: Great Blue Heron Casino

Sitting just north east of Toronto is the Great Blue Heron Casino, and while it may be a little bit of a drive, it’s worth every minute spent in the car. This casino is unique for many reason, but especially because of its setting. Using the theme of the Mississauga of Scugog Island First Nation, the casino is a sight to behold, using this theme throughout the entirety of the complex. With over 500 machines, a 650 seat bingo hall, 60 table games, and surrounded by unparalleled scenic beauty, the Heron is not one to miss.

  1. Ontario Casinos: Fallsview Casino

Although the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is younger than some of the other casinos based in Ontario, it’s nonetheless one of the very best, and has taken up residence as a striking feature along the Niagara skyline. With over $1 billion invested into the complex, it was one of Canada’s most ambitious casinos to date, and has since become an incredible success sure to appease any gambling enthusiast.

  1. Ontario Casinos: Casino Rama

This casino is set inside a massive complex that offers a huge range of entertainment ensured to delight all visitors who stop by. Based in the town of Rama, Ontario, the Casino Rama is the largest First Nation’s casino in the country, and is well-known throughout the country for the spectacular shows that it hosts often.

These are the most popular casinos that can be visited in Ontario, Canada, and continue to be among the highest rated gambling venues that the country has to offer.