Alberta in CanadaKnown for its great stretching prairies and often picturesque snowy winters, Alberta is a location of much natural beauty. Many travel to the area to visit the nature reserves, which boast arguably some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. For this reason many holiday to Alberta to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. But natural beauty is not the only thing a traveller can find in Alberta; there also happen to be a great many outstanding, world class casinos.

What sets Alberta casinos apart from casinos in other parts of the world is the setting, with many taking advantage of the natural Alberta landscape. This gives many casinos in Alberta a special flare, providing something that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the top casinos in Alberta, and explore what each has to offer.

Northlands Park Casino – Edmonton

The Northlands Park Casino and Racetrack is everything you can expect from Alberta Casinos. With a sprawling, immaculate design that incorporates live horse racing into the luxury of a casino, visitors can expect to be both blown away by beauty, and gripped by excitement. Plus, with multiple gourmet dining facilities, a wide variety of casino games, and an on-site hotel, everything you need can be found under a single roof.

The trademark of the Northlands Park Casino is the exquisite race track, which serves as both a race course for horses and dogs, as well as being a stunning park that can be explored by guests. When race time comes round, the horses take to the track and provide hours of entertainment. Betting facilities can be found in the viewing station, inside the casino buildings. After race time, however, guests are free to go strolling in the park, and visit the central water feature.

As far as gaming entertainment goes, the Northlands Park Casino is one of the best casinos in Alberta. There are over four hundred slot games to choose from two dedicated poker tables, plus a wide variety of other popular table games. And don’t forget the special Northlands Park Casino Player’s Club loyalty programme, which helps you earn bonuses and prizes, even if you don’t get lucky at the tables.

Grey Eagle Casino – Calgary

The Grey Eagle Resort and casino is another superb entry in the list of prime casinos in Alberta. Housed in grand, awe inspiring buildings, and with a strong focus on world class live entertainment, the Grey Eagle casino is an exceptional gaming and live show experience. Many travel to the casino to attend the latest live shows, including stand up comedy shows from globally renowned comedians, and live music from some of the latest and most current music stars.

But live entertainment is not all that can be found at one of the hottest casinos in Alberta. The establishment also has a phenomenal casino game section, with a staggering selection of 900 slot games, and forty dedicated table games. For those who love their mobile casino games, and have been honing their online poker skills, there is also a twenty four hour poker room, which few other casinos in Alberta can boast. If poker and roulette isn’t your thing, however, note that the Grey Eagle Casino also has one of the biggest and most impressive dedicated bingo sections, which promises big prizes on the dedicated bingo evenings.

Keep in mind that the Grey Eagle Casino also specialises in event hosting, with an event centre than can be rented for your personal needs. Special offers are available for weddings, corporate functions, and much more.

Alberta CanadaCowboys Casino – Calgary

Last on our list of top casinos in Alberta is the Cowboys Casino, located in Calgary. As the name suggests, the Cowboys Casino is focused on providing fun and entertainment for the average Joe, with a policy of less glamour, and more good old fashioned entertainment. There two themed gaming rooms, one designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped back into the old west, with cowgirl waitresses and cowboy hats for guests, and the other, the blackjack section, theme around popular Canadian sports. Both promise a rip roaring time for those out there who fancy themselves a cowboy at the gambling tables.

But the Cowboys Casino wouldn’t be on a list of best Alberta casinos if that was all it had to offer. There are a number of great eating establishments that provide hearty meals to satisfy even the hungriest cowboys, as well as an NFL focused theme that lasts throughout the football season, making the Cowboys Casino the place to be when game time rolls round. Be sure to check out also the regular poker tournaments, where the best poker players get to prove their skills against other hopeful cowboys. Don’t forget your hat, it makes every poker tournament game a bit more fun.

Alberta Nightlife

Alberta Nightlife Get your party on in Alberta, with all these options for a great nigh out, Alberta is not lacking for a good time. Here we review the top nightclubs to visit when you are in Alberta: Knoxville’s Tavern Knoxville’s Tavern can be found in downtown Calgary, and has been one of the most