Why You Should Visit New South Wales

Follow rainforest birdsong to roaring waterfalls. Glide down glittering snowfields or slide into the silken sea on a white-sand beach. Sample world-class wines, ocean-fresh oysters, juicy cherries and fragrant truffles on winding road trips. Connect with outback stories, making new friends along the way.

New South Wales is well-known for its vibrant capital of Sydney, its apparently endless beaches and bushland as well as its sophisticated dining scene. However combine the icons with lesser-known attractions and this east coast state becomes a destination worthy of bucket list status.

Read the rest of this article to learn about some of the must-see attractions in New South Wales.

The Globe’s Southern Most Coral Reef: Lord Howe Island

Seen as one of the most gorgeous islands in the Pacific, Lord Howe Island is bounded by the world’s most southern coral reef and it’s the closest reef to Sydney. Grab a two-hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane and you’ll very soon be exploring the crystal clear waters that are teeming with rare coral and marine life surrounded by the island’s indigenous species.

The mountainous terrain of Mt Gower ranks among Australia’s best day walks and it’s quite easy to see why. Here you will be able to hike among misty forest with panoramic and magnificent 360-degree views.

Familiarise yourself with the underwater world of an extinct volcano which is a snorkelling, scuba-diving and fishing paradise. Head on over to Ned’s Beach or Ball’s Pyramid or hop on a boat trip to the neighbouring Admiralty Islands, which are an intriguing group of volcanic formations with another 25 or so fabulous dive spots.

Byron Bay

Look back a couple of years and Byron Bay was known for its alternative culture, carefree surfers and off-the-grid hippies. Now, Byron might be a bit more refined but it’s no less beautiful. You’ll still find incredible surf breaks and tranquil yoga retreats which give a nod to Byron’s hippie history. Also, you’ll find newcomers including award-winning restaurants, luxurious beach houses and craft breweries. From barefoot backpackers to Hollywood celebrities, Byron Bay has retained its status as a destination for everyone.

The Opportunity To Explore Sydney

Although Sydney is not the capital of Australia (Canberra is), it remains one of the world’s most famous cities. Beginning your Australian adventure here is a wise decision, partly owing to the cheap airfare.

As Sydney is such a massive international travel hub, you are able to find many decently-priced flights that land there. This means that it’s easy to enter the country from here. Also, there are plenty of backpacker hostels where you can live, work, and enjoy the best real money pokies in Australia.

Not only is Sydney super convenient as an entry point into the country, it’s also full of lively city life that makes for such an exciting cultural experience. There are tonnes and tonnes of breath-taking art museums, famous landmarks and monuments, fun bars, clubs, restaurants, and of course, beautiful sandy beaches.