The Top-3 Road Trip Routes in Australia

Australia is one of the biggest and most diverse countries on the planet in terms of its wildlife and natural landscapes. The majority of the land in Australia remains uninhabited with smaller urban areas densely packed with the majority of the population. Australia is best seen on the ground with your friends and family all packed into one car traveling from site to site and taking in all of the attractions that the Great Southern Land has to offer. The following are some of the best road trip routes to take in Australia.

Gibb River Road, WA

The Gibb River Road has quickly become one of the most popular international and domestic travel routes in the whole of Australia. It is recommended that potential travellers looking to embark on the great Gibb River Road trip drive in a 4-wheel-drive as the terrain can get rather treacherous, making this an adventure filled with adrenaline. Some of the must-see locations while driving along this road trip route includes Bell George, a constellation of waterfalls and cascades which break off into smaller pools wherein travellers can cool off under the beaming Australian sun.

The Gibb River Road route starts off in Derby and ends up in Wyndham, WA. The entire route has been measured to around 660-kilometres meaning that drivers can begin and finish the entire trip within a day – 6-8 hours to be exact. While not the longest road trip available in Australia it is certainly one that all tourists and domestics in the country simply must experience.

Perth to Ningaloo

The drive between Perth and Ningaloo, WA has been described as idyllic, exotic, and summery. It takes drivers along the West Coast of Australia, starting in Perth and passing through various towns and attractions along the Coral Coast. The entire trip is just under 1200 kilometres meaning that it is best enjoyed as a weekend-long adventure.

The drive will allow explorers to see where the stunning Indian ocean meets the gorgeous shorelines and outback of Australia. Drivers will also come across the World Heritage Shark Bay and can enjoy swimming with the dolphins in the bay if they so please. This trip is ideal for travellers who are looking for a beachier experience.

Pacific Coast, NSW

The Pacific Coast Road trip is one of the most legendary routes amongst circles of explorers both within Australia and around the world. The trip is around 900 kilometres and can be done within a day if travellers are hardened and rushed. However, the route is best experienced on a slow drive where all the sights and sounds of the country can be properly admired. And when you take break, you can enjoy some time at mobile casinos for real money. The route starts in Sydney, goes through the Central Coast, and ends in Brisbane.

Along the way, drivers will pass through the idyllic towns of Byron Bay and Newcastle, taking in some authentic Australian culture and people. Various surfing beaches will be encountered so be prepared to take in one of the country’s favourite coastal pastimes.