The 5 Best Archipelagos To See In Australia

While Australia is known for wild scenic beauty, dangerous animals, adventure sports challenges and rugged outdoor terrains, sometimes, it’s the lesser-known characteristics of it which steal the show. In this instance, the many islands known as archipelagos take centre stage since each one is a universe unto itself. These are the top ones to explore.

Abrolhos Islands

An archipelago of 122 islands, found 60km from Geraldon and accessed by charter boat or flight, this area has plenty of pristine gems to discover. Known as the ship’s graveyard in some areas, due to the Dutch shipwreck of The Batavia in 1629, divers will want to add this top-rated wreck-diving spot to their travel list. The islands have three main island groups: Pelsart, Wallaby and Easter, each of which offers something different. Choose between crayfishing, fishing, snorkelling, boating and more.

Fraser Island

Considered to be the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is a weekend getaway hotspot for good reason. It has some incredible sand formations to see, as well as awe-inspiring swimming spots, Dingo’s, and a heady scented Eucalyptus Forest which can be explored. The Lake McKenzie is arguably the most popular swimming area to be found, with gleaming crystal-clear waters and abundant white sand.

Rottnest Island

An island known for its scuttling quokkas (also known as Rotto) population and with 63 beaches to see, Rottnest is one island that you don’t want to skip out on seeing. It’s located 95 minutes away from the hub of Perth and is only a 25-minute ferry ride from the town of Fremantle. The crystal-clear waters beg to be explored, which is why snorkelling in the coral reefs, boating in the bay, or surfing in the crashing waves are popular pastimes.

If you’re after something even more adventurous, then you can even take to the sky with a skydiving session. Apart from the scenic beauty, Rottnest Island is also a car-free zone, which ensures plenty of time to walk about or hire a bicycle and explore.

Lord Howe Island

A designated Heritage Site, Lord Howe Island is a treasure trove for those seeking beautiful beaches, wildlife, coral reefs, and hiking opportunities – just book your flight early since only 400 visitors are allowed per day. It’s only accessible by plane and is located just 2 hours away from Sydney, so you’re not cut off from playing the Canada slots online you love.

The crescent-shaped island has an ancient rainforest which is home to hundreds of animals and plants that exist nowhere else on earth.  The call of the sea birds and colourful fish that dart about the coves and coral reefs will leave a lasting imprint on you.

Kangaroo Island

With plenty of hoppy marsupials to see, Kangaroo Island is home to more than just the titular kangaroo. There are also wombats to keep track of, as well as koalas that climb, and several seal colonies. There are cliff formations to explore, along with caves, the Little Sahara, and the Flinders Chase National Park. With so much to see and do, a few days should be reserved to properly explore.

The adventures to be found here will leave a lifetime of memories for you.