Simply Canadian Attractions

In a land full of history and untouched beauty, there are a wide variety of sites attracting tourists from all over the planet. From -40-degree Celsius landscapes, where snow is the order of the day to carnivals that will excite little ones to the point of melted ice creams.

Canada has a diverse assortment of attractions optimally geared for the adventure seeker or family in quest of a break from conventional day-to-day living. Surrounded by nature at every corner, the top tourist attractions in Canada are a spectacular choice for letting your hair down.

Travellers in quest of the top things to visit in Canada will be delighted with this list of the best attractions in Canada, featuring all year-round fun, no matter the season, much like online blackjack Canada.

Trip To Niagara Falls

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is Canada’s most famous natural attraction. The Falls draw scores of people from around the world; just over an hour’s drive from Toronto, the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls are a popular attraction and must see for any visit to Canada.

Dropping down a whopping 57 metres, the Falls are home to so much more than just one of nature’s most fascinating natural heritage sites. With increased interest in the Falls between the 19th and 20th centuries, many people attempted to take the plunge over the edge in various homemade crafts. Today the Niagara Falls and Gorge retains much of the carnival atmosphere that is present in the adjacent town.

Whistler, Off The Beaten Path

Whistler is a popular ski resort and village located just two hours from Vancouver. Whistler is a thrill and leisure paradise, with a host of various activities to suit every member of the family. In the winter, the resort is home to popular winter sports in Canada and in Summer the resort comes to life with other exciting thrill-seeking adventures.

Some of the popular activities at Whistler include golf and mountain biking, with a lively and friendly town atmosphere. The village is a world-class destination put on the map with the winning bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Boasting world class skiing, hotels, fine dining and thrilling outdoor activities, Whistler is the perfect holiday attraction in Canada.

Bear The Polar Storm

If you love nature then this is for you. Get on down to the polar bear migration, which sees these majestic wonderers make their way from land out on to the ice in Hudson Bay.

If you want a close encounter with a polar bear then save a seat on one of the tours that take guests out in tundra buggies, complete with caged windows, for a real, up close encounter with one of nature’s biggest predators.

Visit The Bay of Fundy

Located in Eastern Canada in-between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy is one of Canada’s greatest attractions. Known for its amazing tides, the Bay of Fundy in Canada has the largest variation of high and low tides in the world.

These tidal variations are precisely what have carved the Bay of Fundy into the history books. The area, known for its sporadic tides, has some of the most iconic landscapes littered with rock formations that art attempts to imitate.